Ensconced in the muddy womb

The delicate flower bud rises

She climbs.

She climbs the sky ever so often

She smiles.

She smiles ever so often

She fights.

She fights ever so often.

She lives

She lives gleefully aware of her existence

That delicate flower blooms

She is ripe and mature

It is time

Time to fill her empty womb

Her mate

He spills his seeds in her

Her mate

He has fulfilled his duty now

The delicate flower now crawls

She crawls ever so often

She sighs.

She sighs ever so often

She cries.

She cries ever so often.

She loses

She loses ever so often

She lives

She lives painfully aware of her existence

She wilts

She shrivels

She crumbles

Into her mother's arms

She's home. Finally.