Lets runaway

To a faraway place

And create a small have of our own

Where cool soft wind blows

And the sun shines shyly

Where the rain falls rapidly

We'll build a small house for the two of us

Have a pet dog called 'Gus'

Lets make a small kitchen garden

Laid with seeds of pumpkin and beans

I'd make grandma's recipes

Which would drive you in a frenzy

I'd even bake some cakes

We could take long walks along the lake

Talking about silly things

Like the pest problem or the broken swing

The smell of wet mud would linger in the air

Long after the monsoons have left

And since the rains have bid us goodbye

We'll sleep under the starry sky

Hear a nightingale sing us lullabies

While the nightqueen blooms

We'll shudder like kids when the wolf cries to the moon

We'd have little versions of us

We'd spoil them with our love

We'd tell them our tales

When we won in life

When we failed

We'll have our own happy ending

In that faraway place

We'll have our own sweet memories

In that faraway place one day