Did you know?

That behind your eyelids

Lies a place

Intangible yet palpable

Invisible yet crystal clear

Mute yet bursting with sounds

Insipid yet bursting with flavours

Unscented yet fragrant

Where imagination defeats realism

It's the place

The place where dreams are made

Did you know the beyond the hills of reason

Behind the quicksand of treason

Through the thick forest of scepticism

Down the road of lies and deceit

Beyond the ocean of contempt and prejudice

Beneath the riverbed of true pain and sorrow

you'll find the place

The place where dreams come true.

No. Don't. Don't listen to the others.

They don't know much.

They hear with their ears

Not with their soul, heart or mind

No, don't heed their words

They speak with their tongue

In the language of The Sceptics

Without a pinch of faith

No, don't let them fool you

Don't let them suck you dry of your wizardry and zest

Don't let them make you like themselves

Empty imitations of cadavers

Don't let them stray you from the path

The path that leads you to the place

The place where dreams are made

- By Pollyanna