A Sister

A sister is family
But also a friend
A bubbly nature
Whose love has no end
A Female companion
A protector of me
She battles my nightmares
So my dreams can be free
Twin twigs on a branch
On our Family Tree
She thinks what I think
And sees what I see
We argue and fight
About makeup and clothes
We break up and make up
Talk about triumphs and woes
As we grow older
Our bond has increased
We are adults, not children
So our fighting has ceased

Through Christmas and birthdays
And all those school years
We've had highs and lows
Full of laughter and tears
Age is but a number
People commonly say
But to tease each other's age
Is the sisterly way
Whether blonde or brunette
Brown or blue eyed
Just like ying and yang
We are side by side
Though over the years
We have physically drifted
Our bond though is stronger
And our spirits have lifted
Though now married you are
You start the family game
Nothing has changed
Except the end of your name
Through the holidays though
Like Christmas and Easter
I just want to say
I love my big sister