Another bang.

Another bullet shot.

You know who you are,

You who shoots stars.

I can hear you crying

During the night;

Unhappy with yourself.

Muttering words of mockery

Whispering my name

Into your rifle.

Your eyes tempestuously aglow

With bitterness

At the echo of my laughter

As it invades your standards of tranquillity.

Yes, I can feel your footsteps

Against such thin ice.

And I'd recognize

The crackle of your snares

A mile away.

I know who you are.

You who shoots stars.

You who extinguishes any spark of light

Because someone eradicated your ecstacy.

Shooting Star

I know you who you are

You delight in the fall of others.

Creeping into our thoughts

On an daily basis.

Reminding us

We're only human.

No, we're less than human.

We're dirt.

Worth nothing less than

An earthworm's housing.

You shoot stars before

Anyone gets the chance to see

Our value.

You prepare your guns

Waiting for the chance to aim

Scowling at every smile

Every compliment given.

Shooting Star,

I can imagine

Why you are

The way you are.

Once upon a time

Someone made a wish on a star

And that was you.

You failed

And your light burned out.

You became a falling star;

Jealous of other's twinkle.

Shooting Star

I know who you are

You're the killer of dreams

You're the doubt behind every great mind

You're the voice saying

"You're not good enougb,"

And "You can't do that."

Shooting Star

Our light will shine brighter

Than your bitterness

Our success will

Light up the sky.

Sooner or later

The world will know

Who we are.

And at that time

They'll be no more room

For shooting stars.