The wind blue in my face, my arms free from any locking up or tying down. My dirty blonde hair blue away from my face, and my waist stood open as the cool spring breeze brushed against it. My white creamy colored blouse hanging from my shoulders, and cut off above my belly button blew out and around my tan waist. He cranks the music louder, and rocking his head, switches gears, and bursts forward in speed. He looks at me, and then back at the road, smirking. My dark blue skinny jean buckle leant against the window rim, as my upper body hung out the window of my best friend's old Mercedes Benz. I laugh, and wave my hands in the air, taking in the free feeling. We pass bye houses with people drinking beer and smoking cigars, boys partying with girls on their laps, and just plain old empty dark houses, with an outburst of light coming from one of the windows. We were passing thru the rich part of town, grey country style houses adorned the back roads of downtown, and brick building stood with flower boxes placed below the windows. Yet only the shape of them could be seen, only the moon illuminated the sky and road before us. He takes a turn, and boosts the speed once again, making me slide and swivel to stay in the car. He takes a turn fast, making a bolt of speed and fear run thru me at the same time. I trusted Jeremy, he was my best friend. He chuckles at my gasp from the sharp turns, and keeps on driving. We pass by a house, several people making out in the front yard, and guys dancing to the music. Our car perks the ears of a single man, and he turns his body to us. Of course, Jeremy decides to yell something loudly and rudely. I was sometimes embarrassed to be around this kid, he was quite the ongoing mind.

"Hoooh! Hope you aren't wishing to be in this car here, we's got a lady on board!" He hoots, slapping the top of the car from the open window.

"Shut up Jeremy" I hiss, kicking him with my bare foot.

"Owe! Not so hard" I hear him whine, slowing down to an almost stop as we drive by. I roll my eyes,

"If you get us in trouble, you're dead meat" I grumble, gritting my teeth. My body still half out of the window, and the man walking towards us, I start to become skeptical of who this dude was. What if he was drunk, what is he was going to kidnap me?

"I don't think I'm jealous, yet" He says in a deep friendly voice. Oh thank the lord! Jeremy pushing my body to the side so he could bend out of the window.

"Hey!" I whine, shoving him back with my hips. He grumbles something under his breath, and then rests his hands on the window sill. I let my hair fall into my face, and watch as a couple of the other guys walk up.

"Mind if we join you!" One shouts, laughing as he walks up with the kid. He finally gets here, well maybe that was an underestimate.

"So, want to hop in?" Jeremy asks, pounding his car. My mouth drops slightly, and the second boy looks me over, smirking.

"Hell yeah" He says, snatching his beanie off, and ruffling his blonde hair. The first boy whips his head to the blondy,

"Stop showing off asshole, get in the back" He says, as Jeremy chuckles with excitement and clicks his lip, as he smacks my butt and slides to his seat quickly. I groan at him angrily, and shake my full head of hair. Jeremy shouts, and speeds off, making me lurk.

"Jeremy! You planning on throwing me out the window" I shriek as him, as he laughs and taps the steering wheel.

"So who are you guys?!" The first guy asks, smirking. Jeremy answers:

"I'm the ultimate Jeremy Corison" He says, pressing a hand to his chest, smirking. Or more of a curl to the lip. The first guy sits up, scooting to the far end of his seat, so he could talk with Jeremy.

"Who's the princess?" He asks, pointing to me. I scoff, and turn my head to look at them.

"She's my best friend, Ariel" He says, now frowning. I slide inside almost knocking into the- oh dear god what on loving freaking earth-he's a god! Fucking sexy! I look at Jeremy, and pull my knees up to my chest. The first kid nods at me, smirking. I ignore him, and look out the window, biting my thumb nail.

"Where do you guys want to go bother?" Jeremy asks, as the blonde scoots up to talk too. He backs away as he sees me, and blows air out of his mouth. Whatever dick.

"Let's go to my side of town, we can pick up someone there, there's usually always a party going on around there on Friday night" I say, now looking at the kids in front of me.

"Hell yeah!" Says Jeremy, pumped up and excited. I smirk, and slide out of the window, yelling and laughing all the way there. We pass by my two story brick house, not including the attic, with it's long well paved drive way, and two acres of land around it. I always loved my house, it was really comforting to me, always would be I guess. I bend out extra far, and laugh, smelling the air with assorts of homely things.

"And theirs Ariel's beautiful house" Jeremy says, as if he were tour guide. Someone nudges me on the thigh, I whip my head around.

"What?" I ask, not knowing who nudged, it had been the second kid.

"Let's stop at your house, wanna?" He asks, probably trying to sneak me into bed. Idiot.

"Look dude, I don't even know your name. You'd probably steal something anyway" I scoff, turning my head back out.

"My name's Josh, that make you feel better?" He says, craning his neck.

"No" I answer, still leaning out of the window.

"Dude just shut up and enjoy this shit" The first kid answers, looking over at me.

"Hey Jeremy, Jeremy turn left up here" I say, pointing at the intersection. He doesn't answer, but takes the turn, and stops at a partying house with blue shudders and light blue siding. I slide inside, and sit down, waiting for Jeremy to say something.

"Ariel! Go back out, that's the only thing that gets the girls and guys in here" He says nudging me. I look at him evily, lower lip puffed out. I slide out again, and stay there as Jeremy hollers for someone to hop in. Two guys come running,

"Got room for us?" They ask, looking me over. I roll my eyes, and lean in again,

"No we don't have room for two more idiot!" I hiss as Jeremy.

"You'll have to sit on someone's lap Ariel" Jeremy says, looking up at me, and tapping me affectionately and lightly with his fingers. I sit down, and look at him.

"I'm not sitting on anyone's lap!" I say. Jeremy looks at me, his light brown hair spiked up in the front and his icy grey eyes thoughtfully looking my way. "I'll sit on your lap Jeremy" I grumble. He smile, and pats my back. He gets out of the car, and asking the first kid to drive he slides in and I perch on his knee. The two guys get in, one with dark brown and blue eyes, the other with light brown, falling in his eyes. They were all pretty cute- and idiotic.

"Jesus Ariel, we're best friends, you can at least make yourself comfortable!" Jeremy says, looking at me in disbelief. I roll my eyes and stick myself out the window again.

We went on for another hour. Me just perching on Jeremy's knee, and guys trying to touch me, sometimes I felt like Jeremy didn't care if he made me look like a slut. I loved him, because he was caring and affectionate, but sometime- I wished he were more aware.

I rub my eyes, and roll over in my bed. Some of last night's eyeliner comes off on my knuckles, so I practically fall out of bed, and crawl to the bathroom over my black carpeting. I wash my face, ridding me of eye liner and mascara, and running a brush thru my wavy dirty blonde hair that I hadn't cut for over a year. It was down to my waist. I look at me deep blue eyes in the mirror, and set down my brush. Grumbling, I walk downstairs in my underwear, and a see thru long knit shirt open in the front. I had by bra on, but that was bout it. I snatch my phone from the stand right beside the door, and slumber down the attic stair and, down another flight of stairs, and to the kitchen. My parent's were going to be away for another month, I was home alone once again! I pour myself a bowl of cherios, and mixing them around, I take a lousy bite, spilling the milk all over the counter.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

My phone skids across the counter, almost giving me a heart attack at it! It was Jeremy's number,

"Hi" I say glumly, taking another bite of my cereal.

"Hey Ariel, mind if I stop by?" He asks, I could even tell that he was already in the car. He had his eyes on the road because his voice was tight and concentrated.

"Yeah whatever" I answer, still angry at him from last night.

"Yeah whatever? What does that mean- you're not mad at me are you?" He asks, worriedly. Well duh idiot!

"No" I answer, taking another bite.

"Okay, I'll be there in about five minutes" He answers. I roll my eyes and hang up, slurping my milk. I roam to the living room, another bowl of cereal in hand, and carefully (as not to spill the cereal) I sit down on the leather sofa, warming a spot just for me. I hear the door open, and close, and shoes being taken off. I peal my eyes from my favorite Saturday cartoons, and see Jeremy walking into the kitchen. I look back at the TV, and take another bite of my almost gone Cherios. Jeremy arrives a little later with a banana in his hand. I look at him, he sits down beside me, and the good boy he is, doesn't take notice of my skimpy clothing.

"Hi" I say, looking straight at him. He looks at me, and then smiles.

"Hi" He answers. Pursing his lips and frowning. I turn my head back to the screen. Why were we so awkward now? What had happened.

"Do you have anything to say?" I ask, striving to make that sound a little more friendly. He looks at me, smiling a little and shrugging.

"I don't know, was I supposed to?" He asks, looking into my deep blue eyes. I keep a scream of anger back, and merely grumble:

"I'm going up to change" I say, rolling my eyes. I change into my fave yellow playsuit, just the short kind. It was rough material, and it was not too sea thru, but I slipped a tank on under it just in case. I hop down the stairs, and grab my bowl and Jeremy's empty one to go to the kitchen. I plop them in the sink and sigh, rubbing my temples. I lean on the counter. Why was everything so weird, why weren't his visits comforting anymore? It was like we were falling apart, like we were not supposed to be with each other anymore. We were just best friends! It was all confusing!

"Are you okay Ariel?" A deep voice comes from the opening to the kitchen. I look at Jeremy, and then groan, rubbing my whole face with my hand. He walk up to me, and takes my hands off, making me stare at him in the eye. A tear escapes my eyes, and I wipe it away eagerly, ripping my hand from his. "You're not okay" He answers for me, rubbing circles in my palm. I rip that one away too,

"You didn't have to make me look like some slut back there" I shriek. Breaking into sobs, "I was just trying to have a good time- when all you wanted was for us to pick some guys up and watch them practically touch me all over!" I shake my head, and rub my hands on my face again. Jeremy breaks into shock, his worried face, sorry face, and shocked face mixed together all on his pretty face.

"Oh my God, I didn't know- I was being such an idiot!" He says, now rubbing his face as he still stood in front of me.

"It's like you didn't care- like-like" He pulls me in, my face landing on his chest, my sobs wetting his shirt and some of his skin. I pound my fists lightly against his chest, groaning and slightly smiling for seconds. I wipe my eyes, and then wrap them around his waist. I sigh shakily still, and press my cheek against him. His hand reaches up to my cheek and strokes it,

"I'm so, so, so sorry Ariel. I was being such an idiot. I-it'll never happen again" He says, pushing me away a little so he could look in my eyes. I nod my head 'okay'.


I slam my locker shut with my foot, it echoed thru the whole hall, and of course, just as- holy Jesus Christ! Why-what-when-huh? Why was THE Aaron Forester walking down our-my hallway? The most hot, famous actor of all times. And why did Mr. Rantser have the privilege walking with that angel? Light blonde spiked everywhere hair, blue/green eyes, manly body- sexy legs and face. They were just about to walk past me- my mouth falls open, I drop my bag on the ground without thinking. It makes a thunk sound, sending both of their faces to me. Mr. Rantser looks at me in surprise-

"Miss Ariel, why aren't you in class?" He asks, Aaron Forester looking AT ME! I stay silent, looking Aaron over, he was looking amusedly at me, and then back at Mr. Forester.

"Uh-" I answer, still staring at Aaron.

"Miss ARIEL!" He repeats, leaning in towards me. "I was actually on my way to find you" He says, I flit my eyes over to him in surprise.

"You were-why?" I ask, trying not to look back at Aaron again. He was smirking now.

"Yes- Aaron is going to be in a movie, and we are shooting it here at this school, I need you to direct him everywhere during these months until- well we know you have been a model, and I-we were wondering if you would like to be in- in the movie" He answers, knowing my reaction. I stare blankly, at them, my blue eyes wider and more brilliant.

"Miss Ariel would you please speak up? Why don't you two introduce yourselves?" Hs suggests, leaving me speechless. I close my mouth, and Aaron smiles walking to me. The closer he got, the more brilliant he became. I look at his hand now outstretched.

"Hi Miss Ariel- I'm Aaron Forester" He says, looking at me. I look at his face, and outstretch my shaky hand. He shakes his warily, and nods his head.

"N-nice to meet you A-Aaron. Call me Ariel" I answer, looking at Mr. Forester. I take my hand back, and lift my bag back onto my shoulder.

"Mr. Forester said you would have to start tomorrow" He says, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets.

"Huh? Oh yeah- okay" I answer, blushing at my stupidity. He chuckles, and I walk up to Mr. Forester as he motions for me. I stand before him, almost eye level with the stout little man. He points a finger at me,

"Miss Ariel. There will be no fooling around. You will help him, not forget about him when you go to class, you will both sit at the back of class and he will just listen in- he won't be doing mush homework or notes. During lunch you will go with him to the music room, eat lunch and talk things over. This is a big dedication- so if you are willing to take it, we would be very pleased" He says sternly,

"Okay sir, it's just- I've never acted before-"

"We'll teach you-now get to class" He says, pushing my back. I look up at Aaron as I stumble over my feet to walk to class. He smiles at me, and I blink, almost not walking to English.


Buzzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

I smack the top of my phone, and jump out of bed, breathing hard, almost forgetting about how Aaron Forester was going to be following me around all day. I stumble to my dresser, my eyes dazed and clouded over. I open my bra drawer, I shuffle thru it pulling out a lacy black and red super push up bra. I pull it on, snapping it and fixing it the mirror, I turn around to make sure it looked even. I walk to my dresser again, and look thru my underwear drawer- white tight booty hugger. I may sound like a slut, but who wouldn't if a super star was around you?! I pull on my short, grey playsuit on, yellow sandals that sexily wrapped around my foot. I put on mascara and brush my naturally wavy sandy blonde hair. My blue eyes brilliantly surrounded by mascara looked really good with the grey I was wearing. My long legs showed, I always got exceptions for dress code. I grab my already done homework, and stuff it into my binders and bag. I plop down the attic stairs, down another flight of stairs, and into the empty house. My parent's would be gone for another month, Jeremy would be gone for another month too- he was visiting his grandparents. I had no friends to comfort me except for an occasional 'friend', but nothing like Jeremy. I gulp down some cereal, and look in the downstairs bathroom mirror one last time before grabbing my keys and walking out to my mustang. I look both ways before pulling out of the driveway, my hands sliding smoothly against the wheel. Soon though, I would be jumping with giddiness. It was about two minutes away form the school parking lot that I almost crashed into a tree, my legs were having trouble keeping the gas pedal steady, and my hands had to keep skidding across the steering wheel or my adrenaline would go crazy. I take a deep breath as I pull into my usual parking spot and turn off the car. I sit for a couple of seconds, knowing I was ten minutes early because of how excited I was- and now I didn't even want to do it. I take one last deep breath, closing my eyes, and grab my bag, hopping out of the car and pulling out my phone. I text Jeremy.

Jerems, I'm going to be in a movie- I'll explain later!

I slam the door with my foot, and stuff my phone into my bag pocket. Butterflies flitter in my stomach as I step up the curb and open the school doors. I feel my phone buzz, and just about to answer it- there he was, Aaron Forester waiting for my near the water fountain. He was leaning against the wall, now staring at me. I blush slightly, and then wash it away with my mind, a cold piercing shot runs up my cheeks. I walk close to him, trying to smile. I shake my head,

"I hope you didn't see me almost crash into a tree while pulling into the parking lot" I say, smiling just slightly. He walks with me, looking down at me,

"No in fact, I wasn't expecting you for another ten minutes" He answer, as I check my phone.

"I'm always early" I lie, still happy that Aaron Forester was talking to me. Aaron Forester. "So do we just have the same classes? Or what" I ask, putting my phone away.

"Yeah, I think I'm just supposed to follow you around" He answers, stuffing his hands in his pockets again. I raise my eyebrows,

"Wow- that's going to be boring for you" I answer, chuckling.

"Why? You seem like a really cool girl. We'll have to tell each other about ourselves at lunch" He says, still looking down at me. I blush, "I hope you nor going to be missing our with eating lunch with a friend" He says, raising his eyebrows. I shake my head,

"No, my best friend is away right now in Florida. You two would probably get along real well. He would like you" I answer, taking out my phone after it started buzzing.

" Your best friend is a boy?" He asks, looking in front of him now. I look up at his goddess face,

"Yeah…I guess that might sound weird" I answer, what kind of a weirdo was he? Was it me, or was there jealousy in those sparkling eyes?!

"No, no not at all, but usually you would see the girl-on-girl best friends, and the other way around. It's just- interesting I guess" He shrugs, puffing his lip out. I laugh.

"Okayyy, first class here we come" I say, walking into Math.

One week later

I smooth out my hair now in a side French braid, and look at my long tan body covered with short, short cut off denim shorts with a lace belt, and the same crème colored belly button showing blouse, thru the school windows. I push open the door, and stop looking for Aaron usually leant against the school walls- oh maybe he wasn't here…..? I walk over to the small water fountain, and bend over it, slurping it down un-thirstily. Popo my lips, and pull out my phone, checking my Face Book. 5 messages, 10 notifications, and 1 friend request. I press the friend request, it was Aaron. I except of course, and stuff my phone back into my pocket. Where the hell was he? I stand for about five minutes, and before blowing up with anger and confusion, I bounce off the walls and start looking for him. I take the main hall until it branched off into four different halls. First class was Math so I took the first hall to my right. I look down until it branched of into dirty little hallways that I doubt he even knew about. I turn back, and going down the hallway across from this one, I walk on. It was about half way down that I heard some whispering and giggling, and then I came to nook where it sounded like it came from- I stop, and lean my ear so I could hear, they were obviously in the room- but who? I faintly hear conversation, but wasn't clear,

"I should go-"

"Nooo!" Some girl moans, some shuffling of clothes was distant, but close at the same time. Some moving of chairs squeak and groan as they get pushed aside.

"Oh yess, oh yeah baby!" The girl moans, sounding as if she were getting up onto something. I gulp, not knowing who I was spying on, I fight urge to turn around and run- but something said stay, stay! My heart in my throat, I tip my head to look thru the window- I faintly saw the bimbo girl of the school. Her red hair spilt all over he bare shoulder, her bra only on, pushing up her teeny breasts. Someone was over in the corner, I could tell he was in stress, maybe trying to figure something out? But when he turned to the bimbo, Katherine who was now lying on one of the tables, it was Aaron. My Aaron?! A tear rises to my eye as he feels her over and furrows his brow, like he didn't really want to do it. I rip at my braid, but keep it in tacked, and grind my teeth together while storming away. I ball my fists up, and make it to Math class five minutes early. I wait, only two other people I had absolutely no idea who, were sitting down and tapping their pencils against the desk. I pull out my math book, and flip it to the chapter we would be studying today. It looked boring as hell- but when Aaron stepped in, it looked intriguing as hell. I don't look up at him, but put my hand around my face to rest it, also to block his ugly bitch face. He touches my shoulder, it sends a cold shiver up my spine, making me instinctively shrug it off. I frown,

"Where were you? I thought we were meeting at the entrance to the school" He says, looking at me worriedly. I look at him, furrowing my brow.

"Yeah- I thought we were going to meet there- but you weren't there" I answer, looking back down at my paper. A look of surprise comes to his eyes, and he looks down at my paper as the teacher starts to talk.

After Biology, I grab my bag and storm out of the room, not letting Aaron catch up with me. No good son of a bitch! I hear someone shouting behind me, but I keep on walking to my locker. Someone's figure arrives at my side, looking down at me. I turn to my locker, throw my bag into it, and grab my lunch. I slam it with my foot, and continue to walk.

"Are you angry because I wasn't there at the entrance?" He asks, leaning to try and look into my eyes. I set my face as still as stone. "Because it'll never happen again- I swear it!" He answers, nudging my shoulder. I purse my lips-

"You know what no- Oh forget it!" I spit at him, turning into the music room. I go plop down on one of the sofa, and pull out my turkey sandwich. I take a big bite of the lettuce, cucumber and turkey, it tasted good. He sits next to me, and fishes at one of his fry's. We eat a couple of bites in silence, and then I decide to speak.

"I-I think you might want to find another girl for this acting, babysitting thing" I squeak, tears running from my eyes as I gather my food and start at the door. I open the door, and sobbing one last time, rip it open and start to walk. But a strong hand grasps my wrist, and pulls me back.

"What are you talking about?! I want you- all I want is you" He answers. I didn't know what to think of the answer, did he want me, or me for the acting. I look up at him, my glassy eyes blurring everything as I swallow my last bite. He held my wrist tighter, and I fight it a little, trying to get out of his stare.

"I think you might want to go find Katherine, she's your girl" I answer, my voice still quavering. He widens his eyes, and still grasping me, looks deep into me. I cry, but not from what happened earlier, but from his grasp. It stung, now it burned. "Your hurting my Aaron, please let go" I say, crying and wiggling my wrist to show him what he was doing. It was mutually impossible to get out of his grasp. He loosens them, and pulls me to him, and lowering his head, my fingertips loose conscience. They flop down, and his lip brushes mine. I pull back, he tightens his grasp again, hurting my fingertips cold.

"Why Ariel? Why not" He says trying to pull me to him again.

"Go find your bimbo friend" I spat at his face.

"I couldn't help it Ariel, she wouldn't let me out of the room- she had the lock" He answers, frantic to high heaven.