Chaos 13; everyone knows what that is.

It's an organization made up of 13 people. And guess what? Chaos 13 is just one part. There's many other organizations like that around the world. But no matter, no one could beat Chaos 13 at their own game.

They entered the fighting world just two months ago, and their name had already shaken the world. How cool is that?

Well, of course, not everyone knows the members. They only know the name, 'Chaos 13'.

Why don't you help? Yes, you. You who is in front of the screen right now, reading this prologue. Why don't you help? Send in one of your best characters. I'd prefer it flawed and comedic, if all of them were perfect and flawless, then it wouldn't be fun, right?

Here's the form, remember to send your character in via PM!

Name: (preferably Japanese, but anything else is OK too. First, Last)

Age: (Don't give me a baby or an old geezer, please.)

Physical Appearance: (Make it creative, please. Thank you.)

Background: (Like you know, I killed a cat ten years ago and I'm still emo about it. Stuff like that.)

Powers/Weapons: (Remember, you'd need to take classes control them. So unless you're really sure, don't go barging in with a quadrillion of powers, like Anshin'in-san. Classes. Like literally.)

Personality: (Be more... er... accurate? And make it as simple as possible.)

Strengths: (Like, she's brave like hell and barged into the male toilet! ...and stuff.)

Weakness: (He's scared of barrels and screams 'BARRELS' everytime she sees one! ...and stuff.)

Quote: (This is necessary.)

I'd prefer it if you send it by PM, though. If you review you, then you'd be ruining the surprise. If you don't have an account, err, then think of something? You can add me on facebook if you want.

My name's Wei Tian.Remember that. Now, PM in your best character, please! I simple can't wait to start writing!