Chaos 13

1. Eric Davis II

(a/n): Yes, I know this is somehow unrelated to the whole thing, but this serves as an intro for the enemies and stuff. And besides, nearly half of the members are siblings. xD Anyway, enjoy!

In the middle of the psychiatrist's office, sat a psychiatrist and her patient.

The golden locks of the psychiatrist, Jessica Maxwell, was tied into a neat bun, with her glowing emerald eyes hidden behind a pair of red-framed spectacles. Her lab coat was clean and white, showing no wear, and looked new. She tapped her pink nails on her clipboard, as she started to jolt things down after eyeing her patient for a while.

"In case you haven't notice, Mr. Davis, you're in the middle of a session now," she said with an annoyed tone. "We're nowhere done yet, you can take off your fedora and stop staring at your watch. You have at least another half an hour to go."

Looking up from his high tect wristwatch, Eric Davis II glared at her with his deep set eyes. His black locks covered his left eye even though he wore a fedora, but that somehow made his glare even more scarier. He looked Caucasian, with his cheek bones protruding his pale skin. He sported an orange shirt with a black jacket, with the collar up, like a vampire, and black cargo jeans that covered his black leather shoes.

"That's Mr. Davis II to you, Doctor Maxwell," he growled. "And don't dis the fedora. It's not like you could understand."

Sighing, Doctor Maxwell stared at him with sad eyes. "That's why you're here, I'm here, to understand," she said, smiling sadly, and placed her hand over his. "And I hope that you, Mr. Davis II, too, will understand."

He snatched his hand away from her grip, his pale skin slightly red. "D-Don't touch me!"

You could say that it was a trick of the eye, but Eric swore, that he saw a sadistic smile creep up her pink lips. It lasted for a split second, though. "M-Mr. Davis II, please cooperate with me," she smiled sweetly. "Please, let this session go smoothly. It's been two months, Mr. Davis II, I wouldn't want to keep wasting your money. It's pointless unless you cooperate with me."

"Money, you say?" he raised a brow, staring at her suspiciously. "Don't you want money too?"

"No," she shook her head sadly. "What I want, is the best for my patients, and that includes you, Mr. Davis II."

He sighed, looking away. His long hair and fedora helped cover his blushing face. "You're too nice to be real, Doctor Maxwell." He didn't even bother to look at her when she jolted some things down. "I don't think doctors like you exists anymore."

Her laugh was melodious, and sounded very sweet. "Well then, aren't I here now?" she laughed. "I'm one of the 'nonexistent' doctors you were talking about!"

"Don't joke around, Doctor Maxwell, if it's money you're after, you can just say it," he looked at his watch again, praying for time to go faster. He had another twenty-six minutes to go. "I'll give you all the money you want, and we can end this session."

"If I said I wanted a hundred dollars, would you give it to me?" she asked suddenly, seductively, and blew into his ear, sending shivers up his spine. "A hundred dollars for a hot night with this kinky doctor here?"

Narrowing his eyes, he turned around to her, their lips were only millimeters apart.

He backed away instinctively, falling off the red velvet armchair, and onto her wooden floorboard instead. His face was glowing red now, and he saw yet another sadistic smile on her pink lips.

Twenty minutes to go.

She walked over seductively, and popped open her the torso of her lab coat suggestively, showing her cleavage, and her pink V-neck. She loosened her hair, letting the golden locks fall on her shoulders, making her look more attractive. She slid the lab coat off, and kicked off her silver stilettos as she pressed her exposed cleavage on his face.

"Don't you want this baby to be yours for just a hundred dollars a night?" she blew into his ear. "Just a hundred dollar, cheaper than the-"

Just when she was about to do anything more suggestive, her phone rung. Grumbling, she got up and picked up her call. Her unit was the old version of a Nokia phone.

"With all the money she earns, she could easily get the latest unit," thought Eric to himself, as he remembered her saying that she redecorated the entire office herself. It looked more like the lobby of a hotel to him though. With all those crystal chandeliers, silver-plated armor, portraits and statues. The carpet that laid in front of her door looked very expensive, like real fur. All the high tech gadgets proved her wealth. "And yet, why the old unit?"

"Mr. Davis II, this is my sister," she whispered, covering the speaker's end of her phone. "I'll be back within a minute. Don't go anywhere!"

She was quite loud and clumsy as she ran into some random room. There were a variety of colourful doors, he noted. And each door had a carpet made of animal fur. At least, it looked like animal fur to Eric.

He ripped a piece of paper from her spiral notebook, and grabbed a Mont Blanc pen from her crystal pen holder. "Rich," he scoffed.

'Doctor Maxwell, I'm leaving. Consider this session done. -Eric Davis II'

He jolted down, signed his name, and slapped two hundred dollar, the usual price of one session, on to her table, under her notebook. Before leaving, he struggled for a while whether or not to accept her offer.

But dang, you gotta admit, Jessica Maxwell was one heck of a lady! Smirking, he added: 'I accept your offer. Greenson's Park, 12 midnight. Paying after business is done.'

"I'm sure he's the right man, and stop complaining, you feeble son of a bitch," a woman cloaked in shadows snapped. "I mean, he's gotten away, thanks to you!"

"You need another chance, don't you?"

Growling, she stared at the note on her custom made glass table. The words on the note sent yet another sadistic smile on her lips. "No, sister, I have yet another chance to prove to him that I'm the best." Smirking, she slid the money into the pocket of her lab coat, and slipped on her stilettos. "I probably won't return tonight. Don't expect me. And pass my fucking message on, you feeble bitch!"

Without waiting for the other's reply, she shut the phone, and stepped out of the shadows, revealing herself to be Doctor Jessica Maxwell.

"I wanna transform so badly!" the doctor yawned, falling into her leather armchair. After a while, she stood up, and cloaked herself in shadows. "I guess, just for tonight, I'll transform..."

She didn't realize that she was being spied on.

"What's she thinking? she trying to get herself killed?" growled a raspy, wolf-like voice. "I-I'm gonna go... and get her..."

"No," an echoing, and robotic sounding voice countered. "Let her. I wanna see... how this will unfold..."

The eldest of the Sin sisters, Sin Lechery Luxuria, whom is called Lust by her sisters, smiled as she saw her prey. Her alias is the doctor Jessica Maxwell, with blonde hair and beautiful green eyes, she could capture any man. Her ability in bed and slender body is what that had kept her preys.

"This is it, Sin Lechery Luxuria, this is your chance to capture the one," she smirked to herself, winking into the mirror.

Lust had flaming red hair with waves tumbling down her back. Her body was full, round, curvy, slender... anything that describes sexy. A lock of red hair covered her right eye, revealing her left eye to be a beautiful shade of blue. As the sin lust, she was dressed in a trampy outfit, a trench coat above a kinky leather suit. Her face was surprisingly innocent, with those large eyes and full pink lips, without make up yet even more attractive than Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba.

"Yo slut, you're really going unarmed to meet your target?"

Her eyes thinned with rage as she stared at the reflection on the mirror. "Shut up, you pig," she scoffed, as she turned around, and conjured up a pair of daggers in a glowing red orb. "I'm going with my trusty Kay and Dee."

Kay and Dee were Lust's trusty daggers. Kay was a gold dagger similar to Skyrim's Dwarven Daggers, but had a black stone engraved onto it; Dee was similar to an Orcish Dagger in Skyrim, and had another black stone engraved onto it.

She strapped the two daggers on her thigh, hidden from view by her flowing red dress.

Sin Gluttony Gluttire, whom the sisters call Glutton, or Pig, is the fattest sister among them, and the third eldest. Her hair was light blond and wavy, and she shared the same shade of blue eyes as her eldest sister, Lust. Her face was chubby, including her body, which is why she must wear a golden hoop around her head, and wear a blue dress of different shade. She had a sapphire engraved onto the nape of her neck, which is the trademark of the third sister, Gluttony.

"I'm just worries about you, slut, no need to get verbal," shrugged Gluttony as she bit onto her fried chicken wing. "I was thinking about the latest STD breakout, so I'm here to warn you about it."

Cause Asmodeus told me to tell you. The words were unsaid, but hung in the air where they stood.

"Thank you, dear sister," Lust sighed as she opened her drawer, and got out a pack of Magnum condom from it. "I'll be warned of the STD, even though I can't actually contract it."

Sighing, she slipped into her silver stilettos and grabbed her black purse from the shoe shelf.

"Good luck, Lust, you'd need it," Gluttony slurped on a soda she conjured. "And Renny told me about the aura she sensed from Eric Davis II, better be careful."

Lust teared, this is the first time in two hundred years that any of her sisters had called her by her Sin name. It was like a sign of respect. A sign of blessing. Maybe this would be her last mission after all. Maybe the family knows about this and didn't tell her.

Her heart stung as she closed the door, leaning onto it, and shut her green painted eyelids.

Asmodeus, she summoned in her head. It's a gift to every sister, that she may summon her personal demon lord that was known after her. What is the meaning of this? Remmy's senses are head on. You didn't tell me everything.

Smart girl, smirked the voice of the demon lord, Asmodeus. She saw him appearing in her thoughts, which was rare, even though she had the closest bond to her demon lord, compared to her sisters. You figured it out, with the help of that fat pig.

Don't call her that. She gave me the Last Respectsand warned me, she teared up, but her being a magical being stopped the process of make up ruining. Now, tell me. Everything.

Very well, she saw her demon lord closing its eyes, and disappearing from her view. Eric Davis II is-

Before her lord could continue, Lust was forcefully kicked out of Message, which requires a very powerful spell. Though, the spell was said to be so high leveled, even the Princess Sin couldn't do it.

"I'd better get going, if my opponent is that strong, I must get to him first," Lust sighed as she reached said park. She smirked as she scanned the park with her blue eyes, before seeing Eric sitting on a bench, the fedora covered his face as he fell asleep. "Mr. Eric Davis II, you're mine."

She fastened her steps as she edged closer to her target.

Next chapter: The Bluridge siblings arrives! And who is this "strong" opponent exactly?