A is for asparagus

Because it's delicious.

Cows eat grass.

Dogs running through glass.

Evergreens are tall.

Fudge is cut into squares that are small.

Ground hogs are very brown.

Henry is wearing a crown.

Ice cream fell from the sky.

Jose is wearing a tie.

Kicking the cat,

Looses the hat.

Makes no sense at all.

Nope! I'm off to the mall.

Ostriches, how?

Paul is a cat, MEOW!

Qatar has camels.

Reindeer are mammals.

Spruce is a type of tree.

Tom really had to pee.

Underestimated prices

Vampire cakes have six slices.

Witchdoctor Momo loves Pie.

Xenophobic people use two-ply.

Yonkers is in New York.

Zombies eat zucchini with a fork.

Note: Xenophobia is the fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.