The Calm before the End

It was a dark night. The wind howled and brought the tropical forest's exotic smells and noises to the beach house. Storm clouds covered the night sky. Thunder erupted as lightning flashed in the distance. They roared loudly, competing for dominance in the chaotic sky. Shortly after rain began to fall, lightly at first, but then poured down as if the heavens were crying for the young woman outside.

The woman appeared to be in her early twenties. She had long, wavy black hair, as dark as the current sky. Her lips were soft and pink; tempting to kiss. Her eyes were an exotic specimen. Almond shaped purple eyes with a hint of gold in them broadcasted the woman's emotions like a television show.

Her head was titled upwards, the rain drenching her beautiful face. Her normally luminous eyes were blank, completely void of life. She was slightly shaking, but not from the cold. Lightning danced in the sky above her, illuminating the dying world below. The harsh wind blew the woman's hair in every direction. Thunder continued to boom loudly, but the woman did not flinch.

Instead, she looked at her necklace. It consisted of a dark sapphire shaped like a crescent moon. The chain was pure silver and shined in the light. It was of utmost value to the woman because it was a gift from her mother, the village's only healer. Sadly, it was the only belonging she had left; everything else was destroyed by the dominating fire that continued to spread throughout the lands.

A lone tear streaked down the young woman's delicate cheek as she hugged herself, bringing the necklace as close to her as possible.

"Mother, I am so sorry. I failed to make your wishes come true. Nature is dying. Please, forgive me."

Closing her eyes, the young woman spread out her arms like a pair of wings and softly hummed to herself. Lighting flashed angrily as the woman stepped off the cliff, and fell into the dark abyss.