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Liam's .

Justin just smirked and got off of me and said, "You heard me loud and clear."

He offered me a hand. I glared and slapped his hand away and said, "Don't talk me you bastard."

I up but stayed as far away from Justin as possible. This guy was dangerous and I don't feel safe around him. Then there's that great fact that I'm STRAIGHT. I wiped my mouth as I glared at him. I sat near the door for a quick escape if he tried anything else crazy.

"Wait, isn't the door locked…Hell I'll just kick that bitch down," I thought as I stared at Justin sit down in his previous seat.

He just smirked and said, "Why are you staring at me? Are you afraid I'm going to do something again? Well don't worry I'm not going to try anything else…yet." He stretched after the he was done and put his head down.

I sighed and looked at the clock and thought, "Well at least detention is almost over."

I wonder how Jo and Keely are doing. I hope they got home alright. How is Sammy doing? I guess I should call. I pulled out my phone and called the house.

"Hello this is the Smith resident," I heard a woman say.

"Hi, Ms. Nix its Liam. How is Sammy," I asked.

"Oh he's doing alright. He just ate and finished his homework and now he's watching Looney Tunes," she said.

I gave a relieved sigh. I thought for sure he would be sitting on the couch just waiting for me to come home. I do worry that kid a lot.

"Is there something wrong Liam," she asked sounding worried.

I snapped out of my thoughts, "No I'm fine, just make sure he cleans his room. It's a disaster in there."

She giggled, "I'm on it, and Liam..."


"Get off the phone I the teacher isn't there but don't go breaking more rules, and if you do at least don't get caught," she said in a serious tone.

I sweat dropped and thought, "How does she always know these things?"

"Okay I'll get off right now I'll be out of detention in 20 minutes," I said hanging up the phone.

I looked up the see Justin knocked out facing me. I wished he would stay sleep for the rest of detention. I pulled out my math homework and started to work on it. It was pretty easy and simple. Well at least to me it was. I'm actually beyond a college level in all my subjects, but my parents don't care and send me to high school. It helps to have a photographic memory you know. It's actually a waste of time if you ask me. I continue to come, because I don't want Sammy thinking it's okay to just drop out and not do anything with your life. I finished the last problem and looked at the clock.

"Two more minutes," I mumbled.

I looked to the door as Mr. Johnson walked in he said, "Why is the door unlocked? I couldn't have sworn I locked it… Okay boys you can go. I hope you learned your lesson." He grabbed his stuff and left.

"You mean to tell me I could have ran out of this damn classroom. God dammit," I yelled.

I packed my things up to Justin to see him still sleep.

I sweat dropped, "Wow, his guy could sleep through the end of the world if he wanted to."

I shook his shoulder, "Justin wake up. It's time to go."

He didn't move an inch. Did he die in his sleep not that I'm complain, oh wait he is breathing. I shook him again, but this time he grabbed me and pulled me down into his lap. He snuggled in my neck causing me to blush.

He mumbled, "You're too loud… five more minutes…"

"Wow you remind me of Sammy," I mumbled.

I got an idea. I poked him in the cheek and said, "Your pancakes will get cold."

His head snapped up and he yelled, "PANCAKES WHERE."

I face palmed and said, "Oh wow dude just wow."

He looked at me with his usual smirk, "I didn't know you felt like this about me."

Liam looked at their position and jumped out of his lap yelling, "I'm going home."

"I'll walk you," he said.

Liam stopped in his tracks and turned around, "I'm completely fine on my own. I don't need you to walk me."

Justin did listen and just smiled and said, "Let's go."

"I don't need you to walk me," I yelled following after him.

Ten Minutes Later

"How did I get in this situation…. The universe hates me," I thought as we walked to the way I get home.

"You live kind of close. What do your parents do," he asked.

My mood darkened when he mentioned them. I don't know if he noticed or not but I answered him anyway, "That women is a real estate agent and the man-whore is nothing but an abusive drunk who sleeps around. Well they both sleep around… I don't really care about them."

He stared at me for a second and asked, "Do you live with them?"

I looked at Him and saw something in his eyes. Understanding? Neh, he's probably trying to trick me or something. I looked away and shook my head, "I live alone and took my little brother with me…"

He didn't talk much after that. We continued on the way to my house. When we got to my apartment building I turned to Justin, "Thanks for walking me I guess."

He smirked and pulled me in for a kissed and said, "Not a problem see you tomorrow Liam." He started to walk away.

"Would you stop that you perv," I yelled after him. I sighed and walked into the building. I checked the mail to find a letter. I read the address it was from my grandmother.

"Hm, why would Grandma right me a letter? I'll just read it later," I thought.

I walked up to my place. When I walked in I saw Sammy sleep on the couch and Ms. Nix in the kitchen with paper work everywhere.

I leaned on the doorway and smiled, "I thought you didn't have anything to do Ms. Nix."

She jumped and smiled, "Oh Liam you scared me. Yeah I may have stretched the truth a little… haha."

I sat at the table and said, "You really should take a break. You can always say no if it's going to interrupt your work you know."

She said, "I could say the same for you. Liam you need to really start taking it easy. Between your job, school, and raising Sammy you're going to over stress yourself out and get sick."

She packed her things up to head to her apartment. I walked her out. She hugged me and said, "Remember what I said Liam."

"I will."

I locked up and turn to Sammy. He was hugging to pillow and I heard him mumble, "Big brother…"

I sighed and smiled, "I really need to stop making this kid worry so much."

I picked him up and carried him to his room. Good thing he actually cleaned it. I was afraid I might find an actual monster in there. I put him in the bed and turned around only to have something tug on my shirt. I looked back to see Sammy looking up with tears in his eyes.

"Are you leaving again." He asked.

"No Sammy. I'm just going to bed. Now go to sleep," I said grabbing his hand.

Sammy started sobbing, "B-But you never come h-house on time and I don't want to sleep alone. I'm scared."

My eyes widened I turned around putting my arms out and said, "Come here Sammy."

He hopped in my arm and I hugged him comforting him, "It's okay. Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

He nodded.

"Okay let's go to bed kiddo," I said walking to my room.

I walked into my room and laid Sammy in the bed. I climbed in the bed as Sammy cuddled into my side. I looked down to see he had calmed down. I felt terrible about this. I almost forgot how that women and that man-whore treated him. They ignored Sammy's very existence, because he didn't show how smart he was at a young age like me. Sammy actually has a photographic memory too, though he doesn't know it himself yet. If those bastards took the time to actually to try to get to know him they would have known. He was always left alone at home since I had to go to school. I know he felt so lonely. Then again I'm glad they didn't notice because they would try to use him for a quick buck like they did for me… Those two only treated like an object to use for their own benefit…

I looked over to the clock it read 11:54 p.m. "Whoa where did the time go…Maybe we'll just stay home tomorrow…," I mumbled.

I finally feel into a dreamless sleep, but one person's face kept appearing. Justin Willows. I woke up sweating slightly. I looked down to see Sammy still sleeping but his head was at my feet and his leg was on my stomach.

"This kid sleeps too wild," I thought slipping out the bed to go to the bathroom.

I did my business and went into the kitchen. I stared out the window as I heard rain hitting the window. It was a gloomy day, so I wasn't going to step foot out this apartment.

"God I hate rain," I yawned, "I should start on breakfast while I'm up."

I knock a knock on the door.

"Coming," I yelled.

I walked up to the door and unlocked it the Justin. I tried to slam the door in his face but he stopped me.

"How the hell did you know which apartment was mines," I said in a hushed whisper. I really didn't want to wake Sammy.

He smirked and walked in the apartment, "I just want to have a little fun before going to school."

"No one invited you, and I'm not going to school today," I glared at him.

He glanced around and said, "This is a pretty new place you've got here."

"Are you even listening," I yelled pulling at my hair.

He smirked and simply said, "Nope."

I sweat dropped and thought, "I really can't stand this guy."

Sammy walked into the room rubbing his eyes and mumbled, "I'm hungry…"

Justin looked at Sammy and walked over. He got on his level smiling, "Hey what's your name lil' guy."

Half sleep he replied, "Sammy… what's your name?"

"I'm Justin. It's nice to meet you Sammy," he smiled and picked Sammy up, "I little boy shouldn't be up this early."

I was astonished. He seemed so nice to my little brother, but I've seen how he can really be. Let me tell you it's pretty evil… Sammy fell back to sleep and Justin walked back to me smirking. He handed Sammy to me.

"Thanks," I said nervously.

He stared at me and said, "No problem. So this is your little brother? He's a pretty cute kid."

I looked away from his gaze and blushed, "Yeah he is…" Why the hell can't I look him in the eyes?

"Hey Liam…," I heard him say suddenly.

I looked up, "Yeah…"

His smirk widened as he said, "Let's go on a date."

The only thing I could think was this was going to be a long day. I hope I run into Jo and Keels.