Dispersal By Jacor

6. Decisions…

"Oh no…" Bren whispered. He hastily threw himself into the cold water and swam towards the carcass. How could he not have guessed?! There were eight other wolves in his pack, not nine! The ninth wolf track belonged to the intruder! Bren hoped that this wolf was not Reld…

Without even stopping to shake off, he sniffed the body. Bren quickly discerned that it was, in fact, not Reld. Although this relieved him, it did little to comfort him. Bren had never seen a dead wolf before, let alone one killed by another. It made Bren sick to think that one of his family members, most probably Lonell, could have done this. This wolf looked only about two months older than Bren.

Bren looked pitifully at the female wolf. A patch of her sleek, gray fur on her back was matted with her dried blood. Her tail was bent up at an awkward angle, and her left ear appeared to have been injured. What revolted Bren the most, however, was the slight pool of dried blood on the snow near her neck. It pained Bren to see her lying so vulnerable on her left side. Bren couldn't bear seeing one of his species lying so…dead.

Bren nosed the other wolf's nose respectfully, whining an apology to her for his pack's actions. As he did so, he felt a cool breeze blow onto his nose. Bren recoiled in fear. Was that her soul leaving the body?! He perked his ears and stared at the wolf. Nothing happened. Bren cautiously pressed his nose against hers again. He felt the soft breeze again. Then he felt the breeze flow inward. This wolf was…breathing? She was still alive?!

Bren stood upright and glanced at the pool of blood near her neck once more. One thing that he learned was that the neck was the worst place to get bitten on. Any battle always ended fatally if one of the combatants was bitten in the neck. The victim would proceed to slowly bleed to death as…Bren couldn't even finish that thought. His thoughts quickly went back to the wolf before him. How could she still be alive?

If she was still alive, then the best thing to do was to put her out of her misery. Bren did not like that idea one bit. Perhaps there was hope for her? But how could there be? Neck injuries were always fatal. Yet here this wolf lay, breathing after having been left to bleed for so long. There had to be hope for her surely? Off in the distance, Bren could hear his pack howling. If Bren decided to help this wolf, he would be betraying his pack. If he was ever caught providing aid, he would be cast out if Lonell didn't catch and kill him first.

Bren nosed the strange wolf's neck as he contemplated his next course of action. "What do I do?" he muttered.

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