Chapter 1


The young man entered the room hoping that this wasn't another boring story, like the ones he was forced to listen to over and over again until they lost their value in his heart.

The room was elegant, with a canopy bed against the wall, a cherry red dresser at one side. In the middle of the room a table with chair in, front of the bed. One of the chairs was occupied by an elderly lady.

"Hello," said the young man entering the room.

"Hello…You must be here to listen to the story of my two good friends," she asked

"Yes I hear that it was something like a fairy tale?" asked the young man

"Yes and no, it was their lives…Please have a seat" she offered.

He took the seat across from her and pulled out a pen and a small note book from i his pocket.

As I tell you this tale, young man, imagine yourself there. Walking the streets made of stone, every color you could ever image mixed into one, something not quite black neither white, something that cannot be explained but can be felt. A mystery of life that carries you to places you have never seen, introduces you to people you never meet. Yet you still feel at home.

It was a cool summer day. The sun was shining, and the birds singing. I woke up to a sudden tapping noise coming from my window. I slowly got out of bed and went to my window. As I started to open the window to see what the commotion was, a smile grew on my face, for it was Echo. She was holding a letter in her break.

Elliot, I thought and was proven right when I let her in and opened the letter. I could hear the wave's splash against the sandy shore. It was a perfect day.

Elliot lived across the world and we would write letters to each other. He didn't stay in one place for too long so we would have to give Echo the letter to deliver them. Her pretty fiery red feathers were the color of dirt and her beak, a bright orange, was now a dirty yellow. Echo was a phoenix, a magical bird. Elliot and I had rescued her from men that were planning to kill her and eat her heart. A phoenix's heart is the source of its power.

"What happened to you darling," I said shocked

She hopped onto my bed to sit and rest.

Elliot must have been really far away for Echo to look like that.I thought

I opened the sealed letter, which read….

Dear, Miss Rushington

It is a pleasure to be able read your writing for it has been a while since I have had something descent to read. I have traveled to India and I'm trying to find the… well it's not important. I don't want your pretty little head to get worried over me.

How are you?

Oh, I wish I could see you but I'm afraid that this matter will have to wait for the trains are delayed, twice this week.

You will never believe who I have met in my travels! Do you remember ? I was shocked to see him in the train with me, for he did not recognize me at first but when he saw my father's blue ring, he greeted me. I always wanted to ask him about his research, but every time I had slipped it in the conversation, he would change the subject and start to talk about you. For me you are a very interesting subject but I rather talk about the research especially with him.


I departed from the train at 9:00am in China, and the train here is being fixed.

I apologize that I might not be able to be there for your ball. If I can get out of here I might be able to come, that is if you'll have me.

I also do apologize for sending Echo on such a devastating journey. For I was in the part of china that did not have electricity; therefore, I could not call you. I hope you'll forgive me for treating her so badly.

Do you remember the time we were playing in the rose garden, when you had gotten lost and found a part of the garden we had never seen before?

Well right next to the fair fountain in the odd red and white rose bush we found I have left a present for you and hope that you will wear it to the ball. I will try my best to come for it is not every day that someone as you has her first royal ball.

Your apologetic aquatics

Elliot M Scotfield

After reading this, I grabbed my ink and started to write back.

Dear, Elliot

First, I would like you to stop calling me Miss Rushington for I have known you ever since you and I were seven. I am well, thank you, but a little disappointed that you might not come, but you are always welcome.

I'm glad that I was able to give you something other to read other than paper work. Oh and you don't have to worry about my face, for I am not the kind to worry, but the kind to act.

It is truly odd that would travel to China I wonder why, his researcher should have taken him north of Africa, Egypt to study the black blued eyed Beatles.

I wonder why kept ignoring you on his research. He should have told you, he certainly was interested to tell me. He loved telling everybody about how horrid the Beatles are and he would smile at out disgust in the matter. Well I will make sure to ask him when he returns.

Elliot, what you have done to Echo is appalling, she cannot even walk properly I will have to keep her until she gets better, so this letter will be delayed.

It is not a fairy fountain as I had called it as when I was little, but it's Amphitrite, the goddess of water, to water the roses. The other fountain was of Flora, the goddess of spring. The bush with the red and white flowers is very difficult to find, but will try my best.

I have learned some very disturbing news. I was about to go for my ride on thunder. Which I'm not allowed since father calls thunder a demon horse. I was sneaking, because if father had seen me going for a ride he would have accompanied me. Father was in his study with Uncle James. They were talking about the party and who would be coming when all of a sudden Uncle James said something very disturbing.

"So … Matthew, have you told dear Celeste yet?" said Uncle staring at his papers.

"Tell her what?" Father asked in a surprised voice.

"Oh Matthew you must keep up. Celeste is going to be 19 and its time for her to pick a suitor," said Uncle

"Oh that's right but I'm afraid that I have forgotten to mention it to Celeste," said father worried.

"That is quite alright, I think it will serve as a splendid surprise," said Uncle James

Ever since I have heard of this, I have concealed myself in my room and announced myself sick.

Elliot, oh how I hope you were here. I know you would be able to pursue father into not doing this horrid thing.

Yours very worried

Celeste E. Rushington

Dear Miss Rushington

How wit headed can you be. What did you think the ball was for; to enjoy and dance, well yes but you were also to choose your suitor. Now you may be against this, but it is the law. When a lady of Rushington such as you, is 19 years of age she will have to choose a suitor. Until she is married she cannot become or be addressed as lady Rushington. This may not be fair but this is the law, you cannot change it. But do not worry I'm sure that you will find a suitor perfect for you.

Celeste, I know you very well and you will probably try running away from this so since we are still good friends, I can extend your marriage for a short while. Elizabeth, come with me to Russia to see the ice crystals. It will take half a year to go and come back. How does that sound. I will make arrangements with your father, and we will be leaving after the ball. That is if I am able to make it back on time.

I cannot and will not promise anything so don't get your hopes high. Knowing you, a warning won't work, but please take it easy and don't feel too broken hearted if I don't show up.

Also when riding thunder, be careful to not approach him hastily, for he gets frighten easily.

Take care

Elliot M Scotfield

Dear, Elliot M Scotfield

Oh, there simply lovely, as is the box. Where did you get pick pearls from, and a box that's hand caved? There are only 5 boxes like this that exist and you have one! However did you get your hands on such treasures? I will defiantly wear the pearls to the ball; they will go perfectly with my gown.

Going to Russia sounds wonderful not because I get to get away from marrying, but in general it sounds wonderful. After all I should spoil myself a little since I'm going to get married and such wonders will not be approachable.

But will father ever agree to such a thing? I have full trust in you, that somehow, even if you have to sneak me to Russia you will do it, I hope. I'm praying that you will make it back safely and come here as soon as possible. The ball is in a month and I'm very much looking forward to you being there.


I begged Father to let me take thunder out for a walk and promised that I'd be most careful, finally he gave in. This is something he lets me do so I don't go riding him, but I always do. When I was walking thunder, I saw a shadow that moved towards the rose garden. I was about to follow but thunder had other plans and instead I was led to the barn where thunder took sips of water. I left thunder and started to walk thinking about what I had seen. When I looked up from my thoughts I was at the entrance of the rose garden so naturally I went in. I saw two heads and hid behind a bush. I couldn't make out who they were, but their voices indicated that it was Lady Maladies and Sir Garrick. This would have been impossible because Lady Maladies were traveling south, but her tan hat said otherwise.

"Oh good you're here, did anyone see you while you were coming here," said lady Maladies in her hard and strain voice.

"No I made extra sure that no one would see me coming in," said Sir Garrick rather nervously.

"I contained my laugher for he obviously did not do a very good job, if I was here."

"Good and that brat," asked Lady Maladies in her crow like voice

"Walking her horse," replied Sir Garrick

I hope she wasn't referring to me.

"My plane is working out perfectly; to bad I won't get to see Elliot die personally," said lady Maladies turning to the fountain

"How will you do such a thing," said Sir Garrick, shocked.

"I sent to do it for me. I was hard to convince him to kill Elliot but once I slipped in that there was an imposter around intimidating Elliot he leaped off his feet in shock," replied lady Maladies with a sharp smile to her face.

"But how will know that the really Famosh is the really Famosh or not," replied Sir Garrick scratching his head.

"Easy, I simply told him that the fake Famosh will not have with him his blue ring that he loves to wear so much," said Lady Maladies putting her clichéd hand in the air and slowly, reveling the Sapphire ring.

Then she went up to Amphitrite the goddess of water's statue she poked at her eyes until one came out and in it she placed the ring with the gem facing out. From far away it looked as if Amphitrite was truly alive.

When Lady Maladies turned back around she was whispering words that I could not understand but I did hear a soft lullaby playing. My eye lids become heave and I guess I fell asleep, when I woke up I was in the barn with thunder at my side. There was hay all around me and a blanket, which belonged to thunders was wrapped around me. I don't know if it was a dream, but I decided that I shouldn't tell anybody about it since it would just be my word against Lady Maladies. I have a feeling that if she wanted to she could have done for worst to me but I'm very glad she didn't.

It doesn't make sense, didn't you say that you had the ring with you when you meet , but then what did Lady Maladies have in her hand, a fake ring? That's impossible I'm pretty sure that Lady Maladies can tell the differences between a really gem and a fake one. And most of all what is her plan and how is it going perfectly? I'm still not sure if it was a dream but if it is real, I would like you to be careful and stay away from as much as possible.

You're very confused

Celeste E. Rushington

Dear Celeste

I hope he says yes for if he does not, I cannot take you, sorry Elizabeth. I'm very glad you found the pearls, they were my grandmothers, and she had given them to me before she had passed away. The box, well that was my grandfathers, he had given it to my grandmother on her birthday.

I don't know what to say for I have my father's blue ring on my finger and I have not taken it off ever since my father had given it to me. I don't know what to say to this news. I suppose I will just have to come and see for myself what this is all about. It can't possibly be a dream; I don't think that you could be surrounded by hay and not know it. And thunder would have never put his blanket on you with such care. If it was someone else that saw you there sleeping, would have waken you up or carried you to your bed. So it is in fact true what you saw.

Well I will have more on this subject when I arrive at the ball. Oh, and before I forget, I'm definitely be coming to the ball. So till then Farwell.

Elliot M Scotfield

It was elegant. The ball room was decorated with flowers, ribbons and ice sculptures at every corner. The tables and the refreshments were placed on the east side of the ball room, while plenty of room on the west side of the ball room to dance or indulge in the latest gossip.

When the hour strikes 6, people pour in by the dozen and as the evening continues, more guests arrive. A quarter of an hour after the party had started, from the main corridors walked in Princess Celeste. Every eye, every thought at that moment was about her. She wore a beautiful dress, with diamonds. Her pink satin dress brought guests to widen their eyes and look with wonder. She also wore pink gloves that came up to her elbows, with diamonds around the hem. Her neck and her brown hair were dotted with pink pearls.

She blended in to the large crowd of people surrounding the dance floor. She moved around the circle looking for something. When she didn't find it she sat down in a chair on the east side and watched what she could of the dancing. Casually ladies were asked to dance by gentleman.

Sir Oliver came up to Celeste; he was a dark haired man with ashy eyes. He extended him hand to her and said "shall I have this dance". Celeste smiled a polite smile and took his hand, he led her to the dance floor and there they waltzed. After the song ended another person asked her to dance and after that, another then another. It was rude to ask a lady to dance more than twice and there were so many waiting that you wouldn't likely get another change to impress the princess.

Celeste listened to the best of her ability to the ones that talked but even that failed when Duke Aaron asked her to dance. All he seemed interested in was his horse racing metals. Hours went by and Celeste danced and danced it was now 11:00 clock by this time she was exhausted. Poor Celeste, but she only had two more people left to dance with and then she would be free.

The last person that danced with Celeste was Lord Kevin. He had a wart a size of a small apricot. He was utterly ugly, he didn't talk much but when he did, poor Celeste had to bit her lips, to keep herself from laughing. When Lord Kevin spoke his voice was high, due to the fact that he was kicked by a horse in the face.

Soon the song ended and Elizabeth was overwhelmed by sadness. She turned around and starts to slowly walk away. Poor Celeste she was so upset that she didn't notice all the ladies "ah" in wonder at whom, this handsome boy was, that stood at the door.

Celeste! He said looking at almost everybody before finding his beloved Celeste.

Shocked at who might be making this voice, believing that it was all in her head. Celeste slowly turned around to him and starting at him. When she realized that this was not a dream, she ran to him at once and flew into his open arms.

"I thought you wouldn't make it in time", she said still in his warm crisp.

"And miss this I don't think so", he said with an almost devilish look on his face.

The music started to play and he asked her to dance, she of course agreed. It was a site to see, the music played softly and they danced like there was no other, truly enjoy each other. It seemed as if these two were not humans, but angles set from heaven to bestow on us this beauty that was made simply by dancing. They dance long after the song had ended. They went on and on in circles, one would wonder how they didn't get dizzy. When the finally decide to end the dance, the dance itself still lingered on in people thought and breaths. They movie aside from the rest to talk, but poor Celeste was so tried that she can hardly keep her eyes open.

"Elliot did you ask father about Russian", asked Elizabeth trying her best not to distract herself form the sudden rage to fall asleep.

"Well not yet, but I promise I will", said Elliot noticing Celeste's tiredness

Suddenly Celeste yawned, but tried her best to cover it up.

"Feeling tried, are we?" asks Elliot smiling at Celeste

"No, no of course not, don't be daft", relies Celeste in desperation

Elliot leaned in to get a better on of her face.

"What are you doing Elliot!" asked Celeste turning her head embarrassed at how close Elliot's face was to hers.

"Celeste, it's late and I'm extremely tried do you think it would be alright if I retried for the nigh", said Elliot for the sake of Celeste

Celeste tried to protest but then hesitates when she saw Elliot's kind smile and agreed.