Santa Claus is cross
needs to show who's boss
the elves went on the doss
kids all over the worlds loss

A day of no creating
Santa found frustrating
when he's done berating
to Mrs. Claus hes relating

She tells him to stop and think
tomorrow they'll have a missing link
Santa's work phone on the blink
they'll have to swim or sink

Elve's realise they need Santa's input
or the production line will go kaput
got themselves in a bit of a rut
Will their bonus be cut?

Next day Santa pretends to be in a huff
his comments brisk and off the cuff
but he can't for long be tough
doesn't like his voice this gruff

He calls the elves to a meeting
and their delighted with his greeting
he says he know's there'll be no repeating
and there's a bonus on each seating

So all is well
Ain't it swell
next time you hear the jingle bell
the elves are having a lazy spell