A conversation with Fly & Reader

"Sterling appreciation of a soulless society drugged by indifference and political correctness." said the voice from inside the john. "The good people of this rock a drift in a sea of shallow thinking embellished by ego manic assholes whose greatest pleasure is shoving the illusionary eight inches up everyone's ass under the guise of tolerance."

"Hey Fly do you have to be crude? Could you at least try not to be so offensive?" Asked reader between streaks of red ink and black redact.

"Really Reader? Really?" retorted Fly. "Maybe you haven't heard, but the buzz around here is that Pussy Riot was put in prison for two years for hooliganism, you can't describe a woman without being a sexist pig or maybe a lesbian, and sure enough if you fucked the dog you got to talk about fucking the dog."

Fly landed on the top corner of readers left side page trying hard to avoid the markers of right thinking. "You know Fly you really are a pompous, arrogant, sexist pig," replied Reader. "I don't have to take this from you. I'm closing the book on this conversation right now."