Living Hell


Do you know that moment where you don't know if you're dreaming or not, but everything that is happening is all too real to NOT be a dream? I have been having that moment so many fucking times I have given up on trying to wake up from this nightmare. I don't know where I am. I don't see anything! Its pitch black here – it's darker than the most vacant black hole. I will feel things touching me. It is the kinds of touch that you can just tell that whom-ever these hands belong too they want me to know that they can see me and I can't see them. They will glide their hands on me, and out of nowhere I will be on the ground fighting! I don't know what the fuck it is that I am fighting, but it's gnawing away at my skin and face. I scream in agony and fear trying to beat whatever it is away from me. The teeth are eating; tearing away my jaw. I can feel my rib cage being torn out of me! The loss of blood is what I always feel next. Becoming weaker, but I don't die. My body returns back to normal! To my utter horror this process has happened an endless amount of times that I just want to remain dead, but the Constant screams. Just screams of pain and terror. Calls for help from someone I can never find… those who are calling. I'm never hungry or tired or even the need to take a shit or pisses are just things of the past that I don't feel. All that is felt is fear. I'm walking with my hands out, frantically, searching for anything in my path.

That is when I feel the touching. Something has touched my back. I feel a shudder of knowing danger tinge down my spine. Closing my eyes in desperation of acceptance. I am a grown man, and like all men I have always been told crying is for the weak and that if I do I might as well chop off my dick and get a pussy instead, but not all men will have to be a part of a game of cat and mouse where you're toyed with something that kills you on a regular basis, but those men who have gone through this. Will learn to tolerate the pain and the tears do not come as easily. I can have my own daughter be attacked by the thing that has been attacking me and I wouldn't feel the fear for her. My daughter… I don't remember her name anymore, or what she looks like, but I know I have one. My brain begins to hurt in frustration as I try to remember what the kid looks like. Remember anything really, but then I am already on the ground. I feel my arm coming out of its socket as the thing pulls. I hear the pop. I scream in pain only to start laughing. A laugh that is so out of place here, but it also fits perfectly.



This Thing lets out a cackle. Gladly accepting my challenge I feel something beating me, my arm I'm assuming, feels like a brick bashing in my face. My nose has caved in on itself. I laugh until I can no longer laugh. The next thing I know is I'm walking again. In the same vacant black shitty hole of screams and terror I will never get out of here. It's a simply fact, but why do I try so hard to move around when there is no fucking exit. All common logic says that there must be an entrance and exit! Even though common logic also says that I haven't found one in all this time… so there isn't one.

I begin to take in all the screams. It sounds like a unison of one voice made of many mixed with sobs on the verge of insanity.

One sticks out though. This person must be close, but I know she isn't.

"SOMEONE! HEEEEEEEEELLLLP!" Her voice raises an octave on the word "help" and pulses. Her screams intensify.

I smirk. No one is going to help you. Even if they could I'm sure they wouldn't.

"You wouldn't help her?"

I jump at the sound of this voice. I feel a fear coming over me. This isn't like the Thing that attacks me to have a "How's the weather?" conversation with me and we fa la la la. It hunts me thus killing me. Only to do it again it was a relationship that I became accustomed too, and the knowledge that this voice doesn't belong to whomever has been attacking me. Scares the shit out of me! The unknown of another person or thing is threating.

I tense.

"No, I wouldn't help her. I can't even save my wipe my own ass so why should I think I can save her?" I reply. Straining to see.

"I suppose you're right. How would like to leave this place, Jack?"

JACK! MY FUCKING NAME IS JACK! My brain grasps at the name. It is the most important information. My name… then the thought of "leaving" entered my mind.

"I can't leave. That's impossible." It is IMPOSSIBLE!

The person doesn't reply.

"I have been training you for 2 hours and you finally laughed. If you don't want to leave that's fine. I have plenty of other people here in infinitas infinitio that would welcome leaving here."

My eyes get bigger.


"Yes, I have been killing you for the passed 2 hours."

I should want to kill this Man. I should tell him to go fuck off . Cut off his head and play with it like a soccer ball, but it's not what I'm wanting to do.

"Only 2 hours?" I asked.

"Only 2 hours." He replies.

I look down at the realization that all my torture that I have endured is only on a time line of 2 hours, and that my torturer, himself, is offering to let me out.

"Let me out, Asshole." Is the only thing that I can ever think of saying to this fucking ASSHOLE!

Then I see. I fall over from the sudden visuals. To help stabilize my brain I stared at my knees, and then moved on from there.

Finally, I see the Man. He stands there watching me. Obviously amused.

"You're like newborn giraffe aren't you?" He says mockingly.

"Fuck you." I reply as I start to get up.

"Where am I?"

"You are in inter, the in betweens, in case you don't speak latin. The in inter is the space between our realms. As you can see in inter is made up of a forest. A forest of the lost , and just to answer your next question. You were in a realm called "endless" in English translation. That place is where you are tortured by your inner self."

"OH it all makes sense now. My inner self is the asshole." I reply in a happy tone.

I see my so called inner self's lip twitch. All of a sudden he closes the distance between him and I and hits me square in the jaw. I go flying into a tree which easily breaks in half at the impact. I feel my back snap.

"FUUUUUUCK!" I yell.

"Listen you insignificant piece of shit!" Inner self's voice becomes non-human sounding more like a possessed growl. He grabs at my neck and pulls me off the ground. My body bent from a broken spine that was already healing.

"I don't care throwing you back down into infinitas infinitio. Hunting you down like the dog you are is most fun thing in this place!" A loud echo booms through the forest from this possessed Man's threat.

"And what is this place?" I ask

I stare into his black eyes. His face blank of any expression only to smile at me with blood stained on his teeth.

"Hell." He says slowly.

Despite my myself I feel the word Hell fall on me like piano falling some idiot cartoon character.

He starts to cackle at me and tightens his grip on my neck.

I start to choke and gasp for air. I stare into his eyes. Even though they were black it felt like I could see something more. This Man smiled even bigger. As he did this his teeth looked more canine.

"This is going to be fun, Jack." His raspy demonic voice said.