In inter

Damn, I'm lost…

"Jack, you are to make your way through the Forest of the Lost."

"What am I looking for?" I ask.

"You'll know it when you see it, but remember you are only surviving."

I look out at the trees. This realm is misty and ominous. My gut screams at me that something is in those woods, so I musn't wander in there. I take a breath to calm myself. As I start to walk away I hear his voice speak to me.

"You will call me, Victor."

"Victor? Are all the demonic names taken?"

My inner demonic self that broke my spine in half just a few minutes ago is named, Victor!?

He eyes me.

"No, it's not my real name, but it's easy enough for an idiot like you to remember." Victor replies.

I opened my mouth to reply only to stop and gawk at Victor as he spontaneously combusts into fucking FLAMES!

"What the Fuck, VICTOR!?" I yelled as if he's going to reply to me. My voice echoes through the trees as I stare at the spot where Victor stood. A seductive voice whispers through the woods sending a sound wave through woods. I look around. The mist swirling and growing thicker with every word this voice spoke.

"Thank God, he's gone. Now we can be alone." She says.

I feel in my chest a little bit of longing for this woman. The first step to arousal and I have no intentions of walking through these woods with a boner trying to get out of here, but then again Victor said, I know what I'm looking for…

"Are you who I'm looking for?"

I am answered with the sound of my name echoing back to me.

The tingle in my chest heightens. I start to walk forward into the trees. The woman moans as if I did something pleasurable which was just plain awkward, but sexy as hell.

"Jack." She says slowly.

The ground begins to shake beneath my feet I immediately put my back against the trunk of a tree. The sounds of ghostly laughter are around me. Arms from behind me wrap around my neck. I see a woman with fair smooth skin and full lips smiling provocatively; caressing my face with her hand. The hair of this woman is jet black and blue eyes. Her naked torso pretruding or fading out of the tree itself into this plane. Like a ghost.

I can feel the confusion on my face.

"Wh – "

"Shhhhhhhhh, its just you and me here." Her voice has this airy feel. I hear the hum that accompanies silence. The ghostly laughter and whispers begin to become louder. Encouraging the situation.

The woman kisses me. I breathe her in.

The smell of musk, humidity, and a faint sweet scent about her. The tingling in my chest is now a full blown complete arousal. I turn towards her and kiss her back. Feeling what I could of her body. A burning sensation plagues across my lips and face. My eyes break open and I try to pull away but her arms are locked. I bite her tongue and pull. She immediately pulls back. Right as she backs away I punch her on the side of her face. The woman's body limps to the side from the force. She then looks up. Now looking more like a decaying body; Her skin rotting away showing more of skeletal features and eyes puss yellow and veiny looking. Hair matted and tangled; baring her teeth.

"Oh fuck." I say as I back away.

She starts laughing. A really fucked up laugh.

I turn to the sounds of grunts and growls approaching. Immediately I run.

Figures in the mist are chasing me and screeching as they run after me.

The fear of something chasing you consumes my body.

"Where are you going, Jack? I thought we were going to have some fun." She starts laughing that fucked up laugh of hers. Her laughter is everywhere. My vision blurs. One of the figures flanks me on my left side. We roll onto the ground. The figure bites me on the shoulder ripping out a chunk of flesh. My hand reaches for a rock to use as a weapon as I get away from it. Clenching my wound we stare at each other for what seems like forever.

The figure chews on my flesh in his mouth and smiles. The rest of chunk falls onto the ground. I charge him. Bashing in his skull as it growls. When it finally dies beneath me I notice that more figures are coming out of the mist. Their imposing postures and sounds are well noted due to my increase of adrenaline. The woman steps out from the growing crowd. She has returned to her former appearance; completely naked. She is Beautiful. Just a shame that really she is a dead skeletal freak…

The sounds of the undead shrieking their lust for flesh fill the air. Accompanied with the ghostly laughter that I heard earlier, and the whispers and taunts of unseen voices. The woman watches me with extreme amusement.

"What are you, and those people behind you, what are they?" I ask trying to stall for time.

"My name is Naamah, and I am a succubus. The people around you are not people. They are dead. My past lovers who have died from having intercourse with me over long periods of time, but even in death they must satisfy the need for flesh so the hunger for it consumes them. To the point they hunt people and devour them alive.

Now I am leaving you with a choice, Jack. You can enjoy my company or be eaten alive by the dead."

She sure gets straight to the point.

I laugh, "Hmm have sex with you and die or be eaten alive and die. Is there any choice where I get to live?"

Naamah laughs at this. "No."

She begins to get closer to me. That tingling sensation is occurring again. I breathe deeply and stare her down. Naamah rests her head against my chest.

"This way is more of the enjoyable choices you can pick, Jack." Naamah looks up at me. Her hands pull my face to hers, and kisses me lightly. I put my arms around her waist. Holding her close.

"NAAMAH!" an unknown voice says.

Naamah releases me and turns quickly. Obviously pissed. I am too on a level. I deserved to get laid after what I am going through.

"YOU, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Naamah's voice hisses.

Another woman steps out of the crowd. I quickly take note of her. She has fire red hair, (not like ginger red hair, but an intense vibrant red hair color) light creamy skin, and brown eyes. She wears a very revealing outfit that shows off her figure, but covers her fun spots. The nudity is the best part of this fucking place.

"He is mine, Naamah. I told you that I am expecting company." She says.

Naamah smiles menacingly.

"If you want him so bad then fight for it."

"You are such an annoying presence, Naamah." Is her response to the challenge.

A wind picks up out of nowhere. The trees snap. A deep rumbling is shaking at our feets. The dead snarl in anticipation. One of the ghostly voices says, "This is going to be interesting." Followed with a laugh.

Naamah's skin begins to break apart. Her neck splits open and strange monstrous arms come out. Her body snaps apart revealing a 15 foot animal. This animal's body is on all fours and has the texture of what a body looks like without skin. Muscle and veins. Mixed with rotting flesh and blood is it's outer appearance. The face is twisted. Long like a snout of a dog, and only one eye. The neck has teeth running along the edges with these tentacle like arms coming out of it.

The other woman looks at me and tosses me something. I look down and it's a strange gun.

The Dead charge us as well as Naamah. I shoot 4 of Naamah's dead lover's in the face. They fall to the ground. I look over and see that my new found companion is very agile. She kicks down one the dead in and shoots him. Jumps up 5 feet into the air as Naamah tries to crush her.

She lands on Naamah's upper arm and runs along it. Shooting her in the face. The impacts cause fire like explosions. Naamah screams in pain and tries to swat her away. Then I see the woman disappear in a strange light. Only to appear next to me.

"It would really help if you helped me shoot this bitch."

"Naw you seem like Chuck Norris' female counter part. You got this." I jokingly say.

She gives a short chuckle.

"Just shoot idiot."

A dead man clings onto my leg. I kick him off. Just as the lady requested. I shoot Naamah's tentacle arms one at a time. One of her arms catches me and then flings me to the ground.

Disoriented I get up only to be charged by yet another fucking dead guy. My partner shoots him down for me. I focus and shoot off the last arm. Followed with shots into the neck, and just like that. Naamah is down. She flinches in different directions screaming. Then explodes into nothing.

A dead silence shoots through the forest. For what seemed like an eternity. The silence is broken.

The ghostly voices mourn Naamah's death. Cursing us and crying. The remaining Dead themselves start to kill themselves by running repeatedly into trees. Lost without Naamah. I then hear a man's voice.

I look around and see that one of dead, himself, wasn't entirely like the others. He was still human. I walk over to him.

"It hurts." He says to me.

"What hurts?"

"Dying." The man shudders.

"He's changing. You must dispose of him." I turn to see her standing there.

"Don't trust her!" the man yells. He grabs my shirt and pulls my attention to him.

"She's just like Naamah. A succubi! Don't trust her!" His eyes dim out with his warning.

"Step away from him." She commands.

I feel an anger come over me.

"A succubus, huh? What are you having a craving for cock too?" I ask her.

Her eyes squint at me and a look of disapproval spreads all over her face.

"I just saved your ass."

"Yeah only to kill me, yourself."

The man growls as he awakes to his new life that is ended quickly by my bullet. Right when he got up I shot him down. The succubus glances over as he falls back against the tree.

"I'm sure your inner self told you to find me. I had to come looking for you, myself."

Dammit, the feeling of finally having someone helping me. Only to find out she is an enemy is annoying as hell. I have no allies, but I must take what I can get…

"What's your name?" I have a feeling cock sucker is too much of a tongue twister, and she might get mad if I call her that.


"Can I call you, Meri, for short?"

"Better than cock sucker isn't it?" She retorts.