Amarok - An ice spirit in the shape of an ice-blue wolf. Amarok helped Raven kill an akhlut in exchange for bringing back his own powers. They have worked as a team ever since.
Blitz Strike - A blonde Sprite who has control over lightning. Despite being almost accidentally killed by Jack when he was still a human, he seems to have let go of his grudge because of his love for Jack's daughter, Nausicaä.
Cervinus - Brother of Raven and the wicked Todesa and son of Maleficent. This deer was once a human boy but was transformed as punishment for attempting to escape the evil queen's castle. He cannot become a human again until Todesa, the one who enchanted him, is killed.
Chair - A 751-year-old Dragon. He was unfortunate enough to be born to human parents. Don't ask about his name, which changes a lot due to Jack's mockery: "Fridge!" "Pizza!" "Fence!" He can transform into a 15-year-old boy.
Dark - A 62-year-old Hippogriff. He was once Maleficent's slave, although he had better luck with escaping than Cervinus and Raven and has devoted his life to hating evil things. Great job, Mally! You made a Mythical Hero!
Freya Thordôter - The daughter of Thor. This demigoddess inherited her father's hammer, Mjolnir, and became a Mythical Hero when she was almost eaten by Chair because of her ability to become a Labrador Retriever.
Jack Frost - A childish Winter Sprite who is the husband of Neo, father of Jake and Nausicaä, co-founder of the Mythical Heroes and name caller of Chair.
Jake Winter Scorch Frost - The son of Jack and Neo. He disintegrated Blitz when the latter threatened their safety by literally stabbing him in the back with a flaming dagger.
Jin - A girl who has the head of a fox.
Nausicaä Summer Scorch Frost - The daughter of Jack and Neo. She is the Juliet to Blitz's Romeo (literally, because it's actually forbidden).
Neo Scorch-Frost - The mother of Jake and Nausicaä as well as the wife of Jack. She's a bit more sane, but little enough for Blitz to wonder how they had intelligent offspring.
Raven - A 28-year-old Morph who can become a raven at will. She befriended/domesticated/whatever Amarok and is the proud slayer of an akhlut. As the daughter of Maleficent, she is unfortunately related to the witch Todesa, who turned their brother, Cervinus, into a deer and Raven into a tree (technically making her a nymph as well as a Morph).

Overview: Despite her whispers growing rapidly more frequent, Raven must lead her fellow Mythical Heroes into challenge after challenge to stop her evil sister Todesa and discover the secret of her whispers. Meanwhile, a blonde-haired stalker's affection for Nausicaä Summer Scorch-Frost can only increase... But can Raven and co. escape from the mysterious cave with what few resources they have, or will they never even reach the Morph-Nymph's sister?

Chapter 1 - Baku Isn't A Monster, but Nightmares Are

I dashed to Fairytale Town. "Guys! Emergency! There's some sort of monster outside the town gates! It's turning all the grass pink!"
"Is that bad?" Nausicaä asked.
"I'm not sure, but I think it can do other things, too."
I led the way out of Fairytale Town, just to the spot that had once been a lush, floral field. I gasped. The tapir-like creature had turned it into a pink-and-purple mirror to a completely different dimension! Oddly colored clouds drifted across, devouring all view of the world below. I had a sinking feeling that it was the underworld that was being hidden. The creature made a cute screeching sound,
"It isn't scary. It's not a monster," Nausi insisted.
Apparently, I wasn't the only one who had suspicions. "What is this? It's giving off some creepy vibe, like it's leading to the - I can't be!" Chair sensed it. Now Jake was trembling. Nausicaä stood her ground.
"Hi, cute little monster. You don't want me dead, do you?" The spirit snorted.
"Watch out! It's going to charge!"
At Jack's statement, the creature couldn't reduce it to a snort. It burst out laughing. "I am Baku! I do not take humans to the underworld!" Either it read our thoughts, or it took humans to the underworld. "I take bad dreams there!" Somebody must have been taking a nap, because to illustrate its point, a writhing red serpent seemed to be dragged to the clouds.
"Nausicaä! Below you!" Jack and Neo were the most horrified of all of us as the clouds parted to let the nightmare-snake down at the exact moment that Nausicaä decided to approach the tapir. What looked like a mountain of coal - no, a planet of coal, and absolutely nothing else - opened up below the daughter of the Sprites. It was at least a hundred-foot drop; nobody could jump that high without any footholds, so the planet was inescapable. Nausicaä was falling - ten feet down, twenty feet down, thirty feet below us - when a sudden occupancy left us shocked. The clouds started to close. The opening went from thirty feet to five when Jack jumped down to save her. A bolt of lightning shot down from above. The opening widened again. I knew I could make out the shape of a human, or, rather, a Sprite, in the sky when the other two were lifted up to the surface. I smiled at the thought of Blitz saving Jack. Probably because of Nausicaä, which means that something is starting up... Fortunately, the snake was not rescued. But the Baku was causing too much trouble.
"O Baku, spirit of dreams! Return to where you come from!"
The silly-looking thing, with the head of a tapir and the body of an unnaturally fluffy tiger, laughed. "No need to be so formal! I will leave now. I am sorry that you almost lost your friends. Goodbye." A golden flash left me with difficulty seeing. When it finished, Baku was gone and the field was almost back to normal. It was impossible to tell that anything had happened, except for one thing. I hoped that our day would be normal, but I knew it wasn't. In the exact spot where the Baku had been was a huge cave opening.
"Um... Anyone up for a quest?" I asked.
There were mixed reviews.