I knew it from the start

You've never played

The right part

You would never be the one

To stay

I knew that you would walk away

Sooner or later you'd be gone

You would scamper away

Like a new born fawn

You'd fall for her scheme

Like Ketchup and Ice Cream

Like salt without pepper

We could never be together

I knew it from the start

You'd end up breaking my heart.

You'd never love me

Because you don't like sprinkles

On your ice cream

You prefer ketchup.

Like fruit and ice cream

We weren't meant to be.

Never you and me

Like Ketchup and Ice cream

Like salt and pepper

You and I

Can never be together

You're never what you seem

You may be ice cream

But your plain vanilla

And your ketchups gonna kill ya

She's no good

She's only a dream.

But you still have time

To have sprinkles on your ice cream

Before I scream

Before I break free

Before I choose chocolate

Over you, vanilla

So scream!

Scream for sprinkles on your

Ice cream!

Just scream!