The next week was some of the most of the most hectic days in Aubrey's life. Her and Audrey were rushed to the emergency room where they'd been in need of some emergency stitching and other hospital terms and procedures that she neither got nor liked when they happened. They had been forced to stay there for four days, two of which were spent being interviewed by the police, but on a bright note, it was four days she got to spend with her sister who gave her permission to date Logan the second after Aubrey brought it up. Apparently she'd known that Logan had a crush on her for many years, now.

Violet and Scarlet came to visit, explaining the whole Guardian Angel thing more clearly to her. Aubrey was happy that she finally got what was going on. Their boyfriends, Heath, a boy with black hair that fell over one eye and a gothic look (Violet's boyfriend who was apparently death) and Roy who had silver hair and red eyes (Scarlet's boyfriend and Guardian Angel). She also found out how Heath had managed to keep an eye on Audrey without anyone seeing him and why he hadn't been able to do anything if something had happened to her. He had a computer in his office that allowed him to watch over every living being and since he was death, he physically couldn't interfere with their fates, unfortunately. Not that Aubrey was too mad at him for that, after all he had had the chance to kill her back when she threw herself out the window and chose not to.

But she had to say that her favorite visit was when Logan came on the second day after the police had left. It was the first time he had visited so she still hadn't gotten used to his blonde hair, but apparently-according to Audrey-she was the only one with that problem as since it had been her Guardian Angel that had taken over his body, only she had seem him differently.

"Hi," she smiled at him as he walked through the door, holding two bouquets of flowers.

"Hey," he smiled back. "How are the two of you doing?"

"Good," Audrey smiled as well, her hand resting over her wound slightly.

"Great." he dropped the flowers on the table. "Then I won't feel guilty about this." he rounded on Aubrey. "You idiot! Do you have any clue how worried I was?! You should've come and gotten me the second you saw her!"

"But it was a split second thing!" Aubrey answered. "I didn't have time to come and get you!"

"Still! You should've found a way! Do you have any clue how worried I was when you didn't get back?! And when your Guardian Angel finally returned saying you were in trouble?!" he rounded on Audrey when she snickered. "And you! Next time something like this happens, you have to rely on us! Not try to go out on your own! What would you have done had Aubrey not found that message on your own!"

Audrey shrunk back slightly from his yelling, causing him to sigh after than sand smile slightly. "But at least the two of you are alright. I guess that's what matters. And Sara's locked away so alls well that ends well."

"Um, no!" Audrey shrieked, suddenly seeming to gain back her strength. "It can't end yet!"

Aubrey blinked. "Why not?"

"Because the two of you still haven't officially started going out!"

Aubrey blushed as Logan blinked. "What?"

"Your story can't end until the two of you are going out!" she shot the both of them a glare. "Don't piss me off like A Wrinkle in Time did."

Logan laughed. "Alright, alright." he moved towards Aubrey, grabbing her hand and looking her deep in the eye. "Aubrey Swanson, will you do me the favor of becoming my girlfriend?"

Aubrey smiled up at him. "As a matter of fact..."

Gabrielle: The fourth and final story is called Bucket List and will be put up right after this one. For those of you who have seen another one of my stories called Fifty-two Pickup yes, that is technically a sequel, but more to the series as a whole. It's more for those people who get seriously pissed with the way Bucket List ends, but isn't going to be something that answers a ton of questions. Bucket List will be the end of this specific problem.