Xiad roamed the streets of planet Pilotic, his cloak flapping in the wind behind him as a gust of harsh wind attacked him full on. Pilotic was a planet in his part of the galaxy, and recently suspicious energy had been sensed from here. A scowl was plastered on his face as Xiad realized that there was nothing of interest here. The sun was setting over the red ocean, people were rapidly leaving the ocean, and lights were beginning to appear in every window. Pilotions are strong creatures, this energy was likely just an unusually strong Pilotion. Xiad thought bitterly, squashing on his own hopes that he had when he came to this planet.

Xiad stopped and sighed, there was nothing here he wanted, nothing that would help him or the universe. He was preparing to leave, when he a feeling he couldn't identify appeared, causing him to falter in his preparations. Xiad decided against leaving, giving the planet another chance to astound him with whatever it had in store. So he on continued down the street toward the ocean.

Xiad was careful to wind his way through the crowd of Pilotions coming his way from the ocean. He took this time to study the way Pilotions looked. The Pilotions were humanoid creatures, they had two arms, two legs, a pair of ears and eyes, all the features that marked them as, 'humanoid'. But they did have some extras, the things that marked them different from normal humanoid organisms was their furry, cat-like ears, their extremely sharp teeth, and the fact they had a tail the color of their particular hair color.

The ground started growing sandier under his bare feet, but Xiad didn't mind. Centuries of hard training had toughened his skin so he could barely feel the sand under them. Birds sang overhead, and Xiad tried to communicate with them, to see if they had any idea who or what had brought him to this planet, but they were nothing like the birds on his home planet. These birds would not allow him into their minds, and his scowl deepened because of it. This meant the birds found him untrustworthy, that he was just another predator here to reap what was sown.

Xiad stopped walking and found that his feet had led him to the edge of the land and he was now standing where the waves could easily lap at his feet. He stood there for a while, watching the waves crash near him, watching the sun set behind the red ocean, watching the fish jump out of the water only to fall back into it. Xiad was quite content, marveling in the beauty of this planet, when he felt a tug on his cloak.

Xiad's eyes furrowed as he looked down to see a girl standing there, looking up at him in confusion. She was most likely puzzled about his lavender skin, pointy ears, and dark blue hair trimmed in a long mohawk down the middle of his head. The girl couldn't have been more than 9, what was she doing out here by herself with no supervision? But what was most important was how she was able to see him. The Supremes wore the cloaks Xiad was wearing now so that regular people couldn't see them. Only Overseers were supposed to see each other in the cloaks. So that could only mean…

Xiad turned, and crouched down to her level, "Where are your parents?" was the first thing Xiad asked.

The girl's dark red hair fluttered in the wind as it blew, and Xiad saw her tail wrap around her waist snuggly. Her ears twitched as she locked her hands behind her and started to dig one foot in the sand, staring intently at her foot as she did so, "I don't know." She answered.

"Have you never known them? Or did you just lose them?" Xiad asked, it was his job to help the people of the his quadrant, so it was his job to help this little girl.

"I've never known them… I'm an orphan." Sign one.

"Who have you been living with?" Xiad asked next, his palms starting to sweat from hope that started to flow back into him.

The girl looked up to his face, "I used to live with a man named Jelimar, but he passed a while ago… I've been by myself for a while now." Survivability; sign two. One more sign…

"Why did you come to me?"

"Well, because your purple, of course!" The little girl laughed, and Xiad laughed with her, and when she stopped laughing, she spoke again, "I really don't know why but… I felt drawn to you… like I should go and ask why you're here. You don't look like anyone I've seen before." She was able to see me, she can comprehend that I'm of her kind, and better yet, she walked up to me and tugged on my cloak without fear. Sign three.

Xiad just stared at her intently for a moment, before raising up from crouching, "What's your name?"

Her eyes followed him as he rose, "I'm Kibila."

Xiad looked at her for a moment, "Well Kibila, you've got quite the adventure before you." He said as he picked her up and set her on his shoulders.

Kibila giggled as he picked her up, "Where are we going?"

Xiad put two fingers on his forehead, preparing for travel at light-speed and gripping Kibila's leg tighter, "Home." He said simply.


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