Chapter 17

I suppose it's time for a blast from the past, I thought as I picked up a small leather bound journal from one of the bookcases. I brushed the dust off the cover and opened it. Inside the cover were the words this journal belongs to Yakung, 1st High Overseer.

I couldn't say I was surprised to find the journal of the first High Overseer stashed away down here. I flipped the pages until I came upon one with writing, all while rubbing my eyes and sneezing from all the dust. Realizing that this place was a health hazard, I dog-eared the page and closed the journal, walking over to my sword and picking it back up to make my way out of here. But as I was turning to leave, I decided it might be in my best interest to pick up some more of these books. Being as I wasn't sure what I wanted to pick up, I just scooped up as many books on the first bookcase and started back up the stairs, the door seeming to still be open despite the blood seal.

When I got back up the stairs, I shut the trapdoor and pushed the High Overseers seat back over it, then turned and sat at my old seat at the southern end of the Overseers table. Setting all the books down except for Yakung's journal, I opened back up to the page I had dog-eared and started reading.

Hello there, whomever may be reading this. My name is Yakung, I am the first official High Overseer. That does not mean that I am the first Overseer ever to exist, but that I am the first to ever take power over the other four Overseer currently present.

I blinked, sheesh, he makes us sound like tyrants, I thought.

The other Overseers that are here at the time are named Icar, Ptric, Bericka, and Zeali. Icar, the southern Overseer, is a very outgoing man. From the moment I set eyes on his scars and unruly blond hair I knew he was going to be a thorn in my side. Fortunately he grew out of his rowdy stage when he was inducted into the Overseers, but he still has difficulties taking things seriously.

Ptric is a strange fellow. He is the northern Overseer, and he spend much of his time staring off into the distance, saying nothing and often doing nothing. When he does say anything, it is a simple one word answer to a question, or an announcement of where he is going and where to find him. I honestly do not know how to deal with him well, I think I'd rather deal with Icar.

Bericka is the easiest to deal with of the four. As the current eastern Overseer(she took over my position when I became the High Overseer), she is rather easy to get along with. Always willing to make a compromise, or propose something that will appease us all, she is a clever girl with a strong will and wit. I consider her a strong adversary, and lend her my ear often.

Zeali is the hardest to control. She is powerful to say the least, but she is very ambitious. Ambitions that make me fear for the entire galaxy. She retreats inside herself often, as if her training were too much for all of us to comprehend. I would take trying to make a conversation with Ptric or being locked in a room with Icar over a fight with Zeali when she reaches full potential.

My nose twitched, and I pursed my lips as I read the end of Yakung's opening chapter. I turned the page to the next entry.

Zeali is beginning to show strange signs. Often times when she is leaving our meetings, I hear her talking hushed words to herself, and if you listen even closer you hear a second voice answer. She swings moods often now, she always did before but now it's more common.

Once she was swatting an invisible fly. When I asked her what she was swinging at, she looked at me and answered, "The fly of course, what else." then she went on ranting about how no matter how hard she tried it wouldn't go away. She told me how it would land on her nose and continue flapping i's wings just to annoy her, and how it followed her everywhere.

There's also a new element to her energy that I never felt before. Along with her normal energy signature, there's something else that hides along with it. As if she were a lake and beneath it hid a large alligator, ready to strike at the next passing zebra that stops for a drink.

I've felt something like this before, this was an element I felt in some of the Overseers before me. But what I felt in them was less… intimidating. What I felt in them was more comforting, encouraging even. But what I feel in Zeali makes me want to dig a hole in the ground and burry myself. Just what is Zeali becoming?

I feel sorry for this guy. He's never seen anyone who harbors an evil soul, so he didn't know that it was developing inside of Zeali. I decided that this was going quite slow, and skipped to the end of the journal, but the back pages were empty. I gave the journal a confused look and flipped the pages back to the last place with writing. It was actually the page that I had stopped on, go figure.

Zeali has gone. I don't know where, but she's gone.

Well, scratch that, she's still here. I can still feel her energy, but… it's very faint. That feeling that I mentioned in the last entry, about the presence that hid beneath Zeali's energy? Now it is that energy that Zeali is hiding under. What makes me confused is that she normally had such a hold on that power that I could feel beneath hers, but now it's got a hold on her. What changed?

There was a line that marked this as the end of an entry, since it didn't take a full page.

A lot has happened since my last entry. Since then, Zeali re-appeared, attacked us, killed Icar and Ptric, and went off again. Later on she came back AGAIN and this time Bericka and I were able to stop her from killing us.

During the time between the first fight and the second, Bericka and I were able to figure out what was happening with her. We figured out that she had unlocked a soul, but not the kind that we had seen in our predecessors. No, those were positive influences, but this one is negative. Though we are still not sure why the real Zeali is not showing herself, we know that, real or not, she had to the stopped.

Bericka figured out a way to cut off Zeali's connection to her evil souls, which we now think she has two of, and seal her away. Bericka tried to explain to me how the technique works, but it became too technical for me and I couldn't follow her. She said, in "simple terms" that you have to reach into that person's soul and cut them off from all souls that keep them rooted to this world.

Bericka said that she was only able to defeat one of the two evil souls she saw in Zeali. She also said that Zeali was there, but she was very tired looking. When I asked her to elaborate, she said that Zeali looked older than she did on the outside, and she couldn't hardly do anything. She merely sat on the ground and watched as Bericka fought inside her soul. Defeating one of the souls made her weak enough for the two of us together to beat her, and when we did beat her, we placed her in a coffin that was made of materials designed to keep her power from coming back to her. Though we are unsure of how long it will hold her, it will keep her down for now.

I read the last two paragraphs around twelve times. Man I wish they had gone into more detail, I thought I was onto something with this journal, I thought as I closed the journal and put it on the table, leaning back in my chair and sighing.

Just in the nick of time, more of Salera's knowledge made sense in my head. The basement of the building also acts as a training ground. The room, lit with special candles and lined with materials designed to keep your energy hidden, is the only place where you can unlock souls without having to come back to consciousness for food or water. Although, when you try to unlock souls in that room, one day in your soul equals to about a year on the Overseers calendar.

I would have been surprised and anxious to get started when that bit of information hit me, but Rovla walking down the stairs startled me before I could even analyze the new information.

At first I forgot it was Rovla. Can you blame me though? She grew six years' worth in, probably two minutes. She was so much taller now, and her hair was around the length that it was before, but somehow she looked so much different. Her eyes, for example, were a lot sharper, and had turned a paler, more piercing color of ice blue that looked like they belonged to a war veteran. Her cheekbones were much more defined now, and there were no signs of blemishes anywhere on her skin, whereas there would have been when she was in her teenage years. Of course, her body had grown to fit her face, her arms and legs grown longer and her breasts grown out to a modest size. I had to wonder what it must have felt like to grow so much in such a short period of time.

I noted that in her hands she held two plates of food, and as she got down the stairs my stomach began to growl. Rovla eyed me curiously, "Since when do you get up this early? I was just about to bring you breakfast."

I was honestly surprised that that was her first question, "Since the information in my head won't stop circulating in my head. Besides, I had a nightmare last night, it wouldn't let me get back to sleep."

She placed down the food in front of me, and sat down in the chair to my left, "You've never told me that you had dreams. Ever. You must be really shaken up over their deaths."

My hunger seemed to subside at that statement. I realized now that I was really shaken up over it. I stared at the breakfast in front of me, my expression going downcast and my eyes turning a dark, depressed blue color.

Rovla paused eating when she noticed my sad state, "That probably wasn't the smartest thing to say, was it? Well… sorry, but you've got to keep your strength up. Come 'on, eat something."

I picked up the fork on the plate and started to move around my food on the plate. I pursed my lips, "I know how I can beat Zeali." I stated without looking at Rovla.

Rovla paused again, swallowing the food she was chewing and looking at me with a puzzled expression. "Really?"

I nodded, then told her all that I had read, and all that I had gained from the little amount of knowledge that I can actually decipher.

When I finished explaining, Rovla looked away from me for a moment. When she looked back, her expression was hard, but I could tell that the look in her eyes was conflicted. She opened her mouth to say something, but closed her mouth again and turned away. "So you're going to go inside yourself for years at a time, and unlock all the souls inside you? What happens if you fail?" Rovla asked without looking at me.

I pursed my lips, "Good question. I have no clue." I said with a forced smile.

Her face snapped back up to look at me with that, "You're going to put your faith in a plan that could potentially have permanent consequences?"

I was taken aback slightly, "Yes, that's what plans are, taking risks."

"Then why don't you do that other thing that Bericka did? That seemed to work well enough."

"I can't do that because I don't have anyone who knows how to do that. If I tried to figure it out, it may take me longer than it would take me unlock all the souls. Why are you so against this?"

She paused and for a long while, she didn't answer me. I honestly was curious as to why she was so against this. As far as I could tell, the only chance I had at beating Zeali was by completely and utterly dismembering her(Woah, I am getting morbid).

"Because all the times that you've fought her so far, have been defeats. Before you say anything, Kibila, the last fight she was exhausted from fighting Xiad and Salera, had just recovered from her wound, and you were all hyped up on rage."

"If I unlock all the souls I won't have to be 'hyped up on rage'" I said, indicating my mimic with air quotes.

"What if Zeali unlocks all the souls too? What will you do then?"

I paused, and when I finally came up with an answer, I stood up and looked at her with a hard stare and a determined look in my eyes, "I won't do anything.

"At that point it won't matter what I do, it will be a fight between what may as well be gods. I'll fight her to the best of my ability, and if that isn't enough, well then, I wasn't meant to beat her in the first place. But there is one thing that I have that she doesn't.

"I have a reason to fight.

"Ever since I got here, became an Overseer, people have expected great things from me. Then, when everything went to shit, everyone put their faith in me. My teacher, my role model, my friends, all of them expected me to stop Zeali, and I can't just let them down."


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