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Chapter 20

Rovla and Alvor

When she finally reached the inside of her soul, Rovla was stunned at how dark it was. She had been here several times in dreams, and never had it been this dark. Of course, after every nightmare that had taken place here, it had gotten a bit darker. Looking back at things now, she knew that since she and Alvor shared a soul, the darkening of the forest symbolized Alvor getting closer and closer to awakening a soul in the wrong direction.

She had refused to believe anything bad of her brother at the time, when she saw him speaking to that man that was chained with his back to a large oak tree. This was the time when she was kept in the dark about the current events, she knew only what slipped carelessly from Kibila's mouth when she wasn't paying the best of attention. If she could do anything now, she wished she could go back to those nightmares and step out from behind the tree that she was hiding behind and stop Alvor from breaking the chains.

Looking up at the sky, Rovla saw that a thick canopy of leaves and vines prevented light from entering the bottom floor of the forest. Only small streaks of light entered at this time, and Rovla frowned. She wondered where her past lives were at, but she quickly threw away the thought of meeting with her past lives. She didn't know when Kibila would wake up, but she assumed that it wouldn't be any time soon, and since Rovla couldn't dream of unlocking as many souls as her, she figured her best bet was to unlock a couple and train for the rest of the time that she had left.

It was in her best interest to train inside her soul though, being as all of her energy would be directed into her soul, no one would be able to locate her and Kibila. And Rovla definitely didn't want to be noticed by Alvor and Zeali without Kibila at her side.

Rovla's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of rustling chains, and her hand tightened instinctively on her sword's handle. She took a deep breath before walking towards the sound of the chains.

When she reached the source, Rovla saw Temptation leaning against a large dark colored tree. In her hands she could see a dark scythe as she twirled it lazily around her front in a windmill fashion. There was a chain fastened securely on her left ankle, and Rovla followed it with her eyes to where it was nailed into the ground next to the tree; it was a long chain, and she would have no problems fighting with it. Rovla couldn't see the rest of her body well, but she could see light reflecting from metal braces on her arms.

When she saw Rovla, she stamped the bottom of her scythe onto the grassy ground and pushed herself up, "You finally decided to show up, huh? Good, I was getting bored of beating up your brother," she said, looking up and down Rovla, "You seem a bit mature for your age, don't you think?"

Rovla looked at her and laughed, "I thought this look suited me, besides if I'm gonna be in here for years, at least I won't have to worry about waking up to an unfamiliar body." she said, pulling her sword from its sheath.

Temptation raised an eyebrow at Rovla, "Are you sure you don't want to wait for your brother come back? He did waste two of your lives; you've only got one left."

"What makes you think he's gonna come back? Plus how would that even work?" Rovla asked, raising an eyebrow back at her, but not lowering her sword.

She shrugged, "Whichever one of you gets the final blow on me gets me on their side. Besides, Alvor wants to prove himself to that Zeali character, he gave into her because he didn't want to be seen as your little brother. He wants to be able to wear those scars of his proudly, instead of in shame."

Rovla was suddenly in Temptations face, a blow that would have chopped off the left side of her head blocked by the scythe's blade. "Quit talking about my brother like that." Rovla growled, her eyes growing fiery with rage, "Even if he's gone bad, he's still my brother!"

Temptation noted Rovla's newfound rage carefully, swinging her scythe out and pushing Rovla back. She turned her attention to a new presence that appeared in the shared soul, "So he's back." Temptation said simply.

Rovla turned her head to where she was looking and saw Alvor walking in, his sword in his hand and ready to fight. When he noticed Rovla, he merely glared at her and stood beside her, "As much as I don't like the idea of needing help from you, my big sister, at this point it's probably for the best. I've got half our power, and you've got half our power, we should be able to beat her, just stay out of the way in the end and let me run her through."

Rovla put on a mask, hiding the hurt that she felt from the hardness in her brothers tone, "We'll work together until the end, then it'll be a race to get in the final blow."

And with that, the battle started. The Overseer twins went at Temptation full speed, both determined to take the soul for themselves, Alvor for the evil side, Rovla for the good side.

Rovla of course didn't want her brother to stray any further from the path than he had already, and words weren't going to cut it now that he was this far along. She knew that now, Alvor viewed her as nothing but a nuisance and a means to an end. If she gained power greater than his, maybe she could save him…? No, she thought as she blocked another of Temptations strikes, backing away and going back in for another, that's nothing more than a pipe dream now.

There were times when Alvor honestly couldn't stand his sister. He had always held in inside, letting the hatred that he felt fester and grow. Perhaps that was one reason why Zeali chose him to be her protector. He didn't know what it was about his sister that made him feel this way, perhaps it was the way she carried herself. Yes, that had to be it. She always had an aura of confidence around her, and while people always seemed to praise her, they always seemed to pity Alvor. The boy with the scars, he imagined they called him, or at least that was what they recognized him with.

Well one day all this wrongdoing will pay off, he thought as he made a small cut on Temptations shoulder while she focused on Rovla. One day, when all this craziness ran its course, the new Overseers of the future would gather around to listen to his story, and Rovla wouldn't be in the spotlight anymore.

At the moment, Alvor was living in his big sisters shadow, but no longer. He had made the promise to himself to dethrone her the moment he met Zeali.

After fighting for a while, Rovla had to admit that her and Alvor fought well with each other. If he weren't evil, Rovla thought they could make a pretty good team. The way they fought together seemed to through Temptation off a bit, and she could never throw an attack back at them. Alvor would swing at her, she would block, then Rovla would attack her and land a slight hit, Temptation moving out of the way before she could get hurt severely.

After a while, Rovla decided that using a sword may not be the best of ideas, so she stepped back, put her sword back in its sheath, and started brawling. Temptation dropped her scythe and Alvor, being the only one here who never fought with his fists, kept his sword in hand and continued to attack Temptation.

Now that Temptation had nothing to block with, she would be easy to kill with a sword, right? At least, that's what Alvor thought when she dropped her scythe, but he was wrong. She did, in fact, have something to block with. The metal of her arm bracers was more than enough to block Alvor's frantic attacks, though that left her wide open for attacks from Rovla. Rovla, being the expert of energy attacks, was able to do serious damage to her arms and stomach areas.

When Temptation was nearly done for, she jumped back away from the twins, picking her scythe back up and getting ready to fight again. They would beat her, but she wouldn't go down without getting at least one of them out of the picture; Overseers weren't meant to be split in two like Rovla and Alvor were.

Rovla had drawn her sword again, and both her and her brother were currently being held back by the handle of Temptations scythe. Determined to end this now, Temptation pushed the both of them back and stamped the bottom of her scythe onto the ground, vaulting herself towards Alvor.

Rovla didn't think anything of it at first, but she realized soon that when Temptation pushed Alvor back, he had landed flat on his back and was just now pushing himself up. Her eyes widened as she was Temptation getting closer and closer, and the closer she got, the less time there was for Alvor to bring his sword up and block. Soon there was no time, and she merely ran him through, the curved blade of her scythe cutting deep from the left of his chest to the right of his stomach.

Rovla couldn't remember much of what happened after that, most of it was a blur. She remembers yelling something, and charging after Temptation for all she was worth, but after that, she couldn't remember anything.

The next thing she knew, Rovla was holding Temptation up by her sword, which she was impaled on straight through her heart. After a few moments, Temptation reverted to nothing but a cloud of smoke. After a moment of bewilderment, Rovla dropped her sword and ran to her brothers side, dropping down to her knees and hovering her hands over his wound.

"Get away from me…" he groaned, trying to push her away, his arms falling limply at his sides before he could reach her.

Rovla started healing him, despite his groans of displeasure. Her face still held that mask from earlier, but her eyes gave away her sadness. Her eyes began to water slightly, "You know… a couple years ago, I always believed that you were beneath me, that you wouldn't ever surpass me. Whenever Kibila would mention how much stronger you'd gotten since the last time she'd seen you, I'd never believe her. She'd always shake her head and cross her arms, then she'd tell me to quit living in the past.

"Of course, the only past that I had to remember you by was the memories from back when we were still living on the streets of Oyar. Back then I was always taking care of you, stealing food for you and giving you the lion's share of it, all because I believed that you were my little brother and I had to take care of you. Looking back now, I think if I'd given you a chance to do, well, anything on your own, you would've surprised me.

"After all these years, I've finally looked at you with opened eyes." She said, as she finished closing his wound and stood up. A few strands of hair fell over her face, "You should leave. Don't come back here either, I'm not, so you shouldn't. Without me here, you'll die for sure."

As if her words hadn't phased him, Alvor stood up, collected his sword, and flashed out.

A tear fell to the ground as she picked up her sword, which had already changed shape, "I see now that you're the stronger of us."


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