"Come on Byar, you've got to do better than that." Kibila yelled, dodging every one of his attacks.

"Well maybe if you actually fought me I'd have a chance." Byar mumbled as he swung his sword down at her, effectively burying it in the ground when he missed.

Kibila sighed as she stepped over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, "That's enough for today. Maybe you'll get it next week…? Keep training." she said as she walked past him and into the Overseers building.

Byar picked up his sword from the ground, ran one hand through his burnt orange hair, then grunted angrily and threw his sword back down on the ground. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down, but the anger only changed into irritability. He let out a frustrated sigh, then bent down and picked up his sword, putting it back in the sheath on his hip.

As he walked back to the building, he saw his sibling student leaning against the wall next to the door. Isey wore Overseers robes, being as she had become an Overseer last year, and her shoulder length white hair was pulled in a braid behind her. Her dark blue eyes followed him as he neared and her arms unfolded from her chest, pushing herself from the wall, "You, uh, wanna train some? We've got time before the monthly meeting." Isey suggested.

Byar kept walking to the door, "I should be an Overseer by now." he said bitterly, ignoring her proposal completely as he pushed the door open. As far as he was concerned, he should have been an Overseer before Isey was. He had been training now for fifteen years, one of his other sibling students had been training for the same amount of time, and the other two for six. He walked up the stairs, past his and Rylid's room and over to Kibila's, steeling himself as he was about to knock on her door.

"You don't need to knock, just come in already."

How does she do that?! Byar wondered as he opened the door, seeing Kibila sitting on her bed with her sword over her crossed legs, her back to the door. He narrowed his dark green eyes and closed the door behind him. He stepped a bit closer to her, "I feel as though-"

"-You should be an Overseer by now, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard this a hundred times." Kibila said, not moving from her pose.

"I'm stronger than Ingati and Isey put together! Why can't you see that?" Byar said angrily.

"There's more to being an Overseer than power." she stated, her calm tone a foil to his anger.

"What else is there? Tell me that."

She turned her head to him, opening her eyes to look at him. She spun around on her bed, "Several things really. Determination, courage, the ability to see the difference between right and wrong…" Kibila brought herself behind his back placing her hand on his shoulder, "…Power is just a plus." Byar's breath hitched slightly as walked back to the bed where her sword lay, picking it up and placing it on her back.

"Which of those things do I not have?"

"Hm, the last one." she said, turning her back to him, "Remember when you said that if I fought back, you'd have a chance?" Byar stumbled as Kibila released just a small fraction of her energy. He panted slightly as he looked at her, seeing her stand coolly before him, turning her head to look at him, her eyes still a calm turquoise color, "You were very, very, wrong. And until you can tell the difference between a fair fight and foolishness, and until you get that temper under control, I will not be giving you the title of Southern Overseer."

She hid her energy again, pointing at the door with one hand. Her student left with his eyes wide, his anger leaving him and being replaced by fear. He had never felt his mentor's power before, he had always assumed that she was the High Overseer because she was the only Overseer left before they came along. He was obviously very wrong.

Isey walked into Kibila's room after Byar left, shutting the door behind her and sighing. "He walked outta here with his tail between his legs, what did you do to him?"

"Just gave him a demonstration," Kibila replied, sitting back down on her bed. Her ears twitched irritably and she pinched the bridge of her nose, "how are Ingati and Tarad doing?"

Isey smiled, "Ingati should be ready to become an Overseer in a couple months, and Tarad's training is coming along well. "

"Well, that's great for them, but it's another reason for Byar to be bitter at me." Kibila said, getting up and walking to the window. Outside the sun had started to set, which meant that Kibila would have to get some sleep soon.

Isey took a step closer to her, "Why are you so tough on him? You were never this hard on the rest of us."

Kibila sighed, pulling Balance from her back, "He has the potential to become corrupt. His ego is quite swollen, and so is his pride. I don't want to have to put down another Overseer because of one mistake they've made." she said, running a fingertip along the grey strip in the middle of her sword.

"Who did you have to-"

Kibila held up one hand, signaling for her to stop, "I'd appreciate if you didn't push this subject. Give me another hundred years, maybe I'll be ready to talk about it then." Isey looked at her with a puzzled look on her face, but she did as Kibila asked. Kibila turned around and smiled at her former student, then squeezed her eyes shut and furrowed her eyebrows. "Do you remember how to use the energy chains?" she asked Isey, bending down a putting her sword down on the ground in front of the window, the wrappings cloaking the blade as soon as her hand left the grip.

"Of course," Isey replied, watching Kibila sit back down on her bed, "why do you ask?"

"I need you to use them on me now." she clarified, closing her eyes.

"Why…?" Isey asked, blinking at her.

"Don't ask, just do it!" Kibila nearly yelled.

Isey was taken back slightly by Kibila's sudden outburst, but she did as she asked nonetheless. She held one hand out and placed her other hand on her elbow, funneling her energy into streams and pushing it to Kibila. The wisps of energy wrapped around her arms and chest, and when they had wrapped around enough times Isey materialized them. Her energy formed near unbreakable chains, and hopefully they would hold.

Kibila's mouth turned upward in a smile, sharp teeth starting to peek out as the smile turned to a grin. Her eyes opened as her face turned up to look at Isey, her now blood red irises instilling fear in Isey as she looked at them. She started to struggle against her chains, and she made a disgruntled sound when she realized she wouldn't get out.

"Really, Queen? This is how you're gonna keep me from having any fun?" The words came from Kibila's mouth, but they didn't really sound like hers. The voice was slightly different, being as the pitch was slightly lower and the words seemed to blend together. Kibila's head turned to look at her sword, "Oh how I wish I could use you…" she said in an aching voice.

"What…what are you?" Isey said, trying to piece together what was going on.

Kibila looked up at her, "What do you mean? Isn't it obvious?" she said before closing her eyes again and letting her head fall limp. Isey was still just as confused as ever when she lifted her head again, opening her eyes, serine turquoise reigning supreme again, "She's the side of myself that I don't ever want people to see."

Isey dispelled her chains, "What exactly just happened?"

Kibila rubbed one of her arms, "When I unlocked all the souls, I had to push part of my personality back. Every once in a while, she comes out. That, was Bloodlust." she paused, letting out a small sigh as she took her hand from her arm and twiddled her thumbs, "It makes me shudder to think of what would happen if she got out…"

"I… how come none of us never knew about this…?" Isey said, walking closer to her and starting to put her hand on her shoulder.

"I've kept it very under wraps. She just came out so suddenly this time, it was a good thing you were here. Thanks for chaining me up, but I'd like to get some sleep now."


Kibila opened her eyes groggily, sitting up and letting the covers fall off her body at their own accord. She felt a slight throbbing in her chest as she leaned forward, looking at her hands for a moment. Moonlight flooded the room allowing for her to see herself quite well. As she sat there, staring at her hands, the events that occurred before she blacked out came back to her. She heard a creak in the floorboards beside her and she looked to see Rovla pacing back and forth from one end of the room to the other.

Kibila threw the rest of the covers off and swung her legs off the bed, "Rovla, thank god you're alright!"

"You almost weren't…" Rovla murmured, not stopping in her pacing, "and I was almost the reason why."

Kibila was a bit confused, but before she said anything the memory of Rovla with bloodshot eyes and a crazed grin came back to her. She stood up and placed a hand on Rovla's shoulder, stopping her in her pacing and making her look at her, "What happened?" Rovla fidgeted against her hold, her mouth parting slightly and her eyes widening. Kibila held her there for a few minutes then shook her, "Hey! What's wrong with you?!"

Rovla blinked, "Huh? Oh… I… I must have spaced out, I haven't slept in days." she took a step back, out of Kibila's hold and her back now against the wall. She put a hand on her forehead, closing her eyes and nearly drifting off to sleep where she stood.

"A few days? How long have I been out?" Kibila's question made Rovla's eyes jolt back open, and she took her hand off her forehead and put it against the wall.

"About three days, you were exhausted after fighting that battle." Rovla said, looking at Kibila nervously, "I… when you came to me after you beat Zeali, I wasn't there. When I killed my brother, his soul reunited with mine… and so did the soul that he had unlocked." Rovla wasn't able to say anymore, just the memory of killing her brother brought her to tears.

"So Trust took control of you and tried to kill me." Kibila finished. Rovla shook her head, sliding down the wall and hugging her knees. Kibila kneeled down next to her, putting an arm around her shoulders, "But you didn't." she wasn't really sure what else she could say to console her. Rovla's problems were completely foreign to her, being as Kibila had never had to kill someone close to her. She'd seen someone close to her dying, but she'd never had to kill them herself.

"Kill me…" Rovla whispered against her knees, the words barely audible. Of course, Kibila having some of the best hearing in the out there, she heard it. Her ears twitched and she stood up, looking at Rovla with a face that expressed a mix of many emotions.

"W-what?! Why?" Kibila asked franticly, she didn't want to lose anybody else… she'd already lost so much.

Rovla raised her head from her legs, "I'm a threat to you, I'm a threat to the universe, hell, I'm a threat to myself!"

"You are not a threat to me! You saved me, right?" Kibila argued.

"Please!" Rovla cried, her hands flying to her head, "Please… you're acting just like I did with my brother." she said, her hands leaving her head and pushing her up to her feet slowly. She pointed the the wall where Kibila sword leaned, "Your sword is over there, just… acknowledge my request."

Kibila looked from her student to her sword, then took a deep breath, "Give me one good reason why I should." Rovla just looked at the ground, trying to scrounge for an answer.

"Because whenever I sleep, Trust comes out. I haven't slept in two days, and I could collapse from exhaustion any minute. When that happens, I could end up killing you. You haven't fully healed, your body can't handle any fighting at the moment, even if it's a fight that you'd win by a landslide." Rovla said, her mind racing as she entered that state of mind when a person is so tired they aren't tired anymore.

Kibila watched at her student, looking through her mask that was currently adorning her face. She could see several things, firstly, she was very upset. Kibila imagined that she would be, she didn't expect anything except sadness from a person who had recently killed their brother unwillingly. But, if she looked beyond that layer of sadness, Kibila could see something that finalized her choice.

She walked to the wall and picked up her sword, the wrappings falling off as she held the grip tightly. She extended a hand to Rovla, "Come on, let's go somewhere else." Kibila said, a fake smile on her face. Rovla took her hand tentatively, and Kibila placed Balance on her back and brought them to the place where she and Zeali fought.

"By the way, Rovla," Kibila said as she released Rovla's hand and used it to take her sword from her back. She took a step away from Rovla, "how did you get this off my back?"

"It… it was easy actually. Anybody can touch the wrappings, but only you can touch the blade and the grip." Rovla said, not moving from where Kibila had put her when they were brought here.

"You know that I don't want to do this." Kibila said, her heart aching at the idea of having to kill her former student. Really, to Kibila, Rovla was a bit more than her student… she was more like a sister. A little sister that she had to protect, and as much as she hated to see her as scared as she was behind that mask of hers, she didn't want to have to kill her to rid her of her fear. Deep in her heart she wished there was a way to cure Rovla of this sickness plaguing her, but in her mind she knew that the only way to cure her was to kill her. Putting her out of her misery perhaps is the best decision here, and though Kibila didn't like it, she had to do it.

"But you have to… for my sake, and for the sake of the universe." Rovla said, rubbing her left arm with her right hand.

Kibila felt tears threaten to fall as she pulled up her sword so it touched the skin that protected Rovla's heart, "It… it might be the right thing to do… but it doesn't mean I have to like it!" she exclaimed, putting a bit more pressure on her sword.

Rovla looked at Kibila and gave a comforting smile, "Don't worry… everything will work out. I'll be reborn, and it should be about time to get the other Overseers and train them."

Kibila's throat tightened up, and she wasn't able to say anything. She put her hand above the other on the grip, a tear falling from her eye as she pushed the sword past Rovla's skin and through her heart.


Kibila woke in a start, jolting up in bed as her dream ended. She felt fresh tears stain her face as she sobbed uncontrollably for a moment, the aftermath of her flashback leaving her quite vulnerable.

"Well… at least it wasn't a night terror like it normally is…" Kibila said, thinking aloud. She dried her eyes with the back of her hand and looked out the window. She guessed she'd only been asleep for around five hours, "I need to get out of this room, it hold to many memories…" she looked around the room, her eyes lingering in the spot where she had seen Rovla pacing, "But then again, that may be why I can't leave this room."


After a millennia, no, after many a millennia, Kibila walked down the the stairs to the basement of the building. Her life seemed to be extended from the sheer amount of energy she possessed, and since she never stopped gaining it, it seemed she would never die. She wanted so badly to break free of the constant boredom and depression she felt.

If madness was the price for unlocking all souls for evil, than so it was for good. Except, in a slightly different way. It was unknown if unlocking all the souls for evil would extend a person's life like it did for Kibila, but for good, their life seemed to be eternal. But the price, oh the price is exponential. The mental state of Kibila wasn't in such a state as Zeali's, but it was still bad. By day she would feel excluded, she would feel depression. As if nothing she did mattered, but in all reality, everything she did mattered. By night she would have night terrors of the Overseers lost to Zeali, flashbacks of killing Rovla, sometimes the flashbacks would even twist so in the end, Kibila was the one turned to ash.

Kibila's attitude spiraled down from then on. She would be detached and would escape into herself, the only place she felt safe. Oftentimes while in soul she would spar with Power, and that sparring seemed to be the only thing that could bring her out of depression. Though she had gotten rid of her bloodlust urge, besides the sudden outbursts every once and a while, it seemed the urges of her race would never leave her. Fighting was indeed what she lived for. Even if she no longer had the urge to stain her blade, she would never lose the desire to use it.

That was why she decided that it was for the best if she locked herself in the basement and retreated inside herself for a while. Maybe she could figure out how to get the depression and PTSD out of her system, or maybe she could just repress it. Either way, she was going to wait for a future Overseer to open the door and lead her to battle against the next biggest threat that the universe would ever see.


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