Chapter 3

I woke up deliberately, the sunlight that crawled across my face serving as my wake up call. My eyes opened slowly and I blinked sleep from my eyes, briefly staring up at the ceiling before shutting my eyes again. I groaned and rolled over, hoping to get five more minutes of sleep before I actually had to get up. I pulled my blankets, which had been kicked off of me while I was sleeping, back up and nuzzled my pillow.

My groggy mind had not realized that someone was in the room with me, so when I felt someone push me off the bed, I didn't realize I was pushed until I had landed with a hard thump on the floor. I laid on the ground for a second, blinking from confusion and groaning, realizing that I had to get up now. I wiggled my way out my blanket and looked around my room. I got up and rubbed one eye sleepily, noticing that my sword was missing and my door was left open. My first thoughts was that Arrow had taken my sword, but he couldn't open doors. My eyebrows furrowed, was someone here with me?

As much as I didn't want to go out in my pajamas , I had to figure this out. I couldn't just let someone run off with my sword and ransack my house, that was for sure. I walked out of my room and into the hallway, then saw an unexpected sight.

Sitting in my armchair, was Salera, her arms outstretched and petting Arrow who was sitting in front of her. I noticed her sword was sitting beside mine in leaning against the armchair. I stared at her for a second, then tilted my head sideways. I put two fingers in my mouth and whistled shrilly, and Arrow looked to me, barked, and scampered over to my side. Salera looked at me and smiled.

Salera stood from the armchair, "I see you've settled in nicely, though you don't seem to used to the sleep schedule yet." She laughed.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now. I have been on this schedule for 10 years now." I laughed along with her and walked past her to pick up my sword where it leaned against the chair, slinging it over my shoulder to carry it.

Salera walked over and picked her sword up too, "Ah, well, you're young. It'll take some time to get used to it, took me almost fifty years, and I used to sleep until noon!"

The two of us laughed for a few moments, then I realized I was still in my pajamas and that I might want to get changed, "So what did you come here for, exactly?" I asked politely.

"Right! Almost forgot what I came here for." Salera face-palmed, "Just get dressed and hurry up to the main planet." And with that, Salera put her middle and ring fingers on her forehead and flashed away, leaving me standing in my house in nothing but my pajamas.


When I got to the central planet, I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary on the outside, so I walked the rest of the way to the large building where all of the Overseers would have meetings every month.

When I walked in the door of the building, the first thing I noticed were voices coming from upstairs, and upon reaching said voices, I came in to see all the other Overseers here already.

Salera, Bordaro, and Xiad were all gathered around a small bed, speaking in hushed voices that made me strain my ears to hear.

I decided to speak up, "Um… hello? What's going on here?" I asked curiously, inching my way toward them.

Xiad turned his head and put two fingers to his lips, then motion for me to come closer. He stepped away from the bed, and I saw why they all crouched around it.

Nirerd was laying on the bed, his face agonized and pain filled. I gasped quietly and rushed over to the spot Xiad had made for me, leaning down beside Nirerd.

"What exactly is happening?" I asked softly, not wanting to disturb Nirerd.

"He's reincarnating," Xiad whispered, "you slept in this morning, so you missed most of it. He's nearly gone now." Xiad said, pointing to the lower half of Nirerd's body. My eyes followed to where his finger was pointing and I saw that the lower half of his body was gone. But there was no blood in its place, there was only dust.

"Once it gets past the waist, he turns much faster than before, it'll only be a few minutes now." Bordaro spoke up, his voice filled with sadness, "Nirerd was my mentor, it's sad to see him go."

Salera put her hand on Bordaro's shoulder, "He'll be back. It may not be him, but he'll be here in spirit."

I watched as Nirerd's body began to disintegrate until it reached his shoulders and arms, then he opened his eyes and looked at us all. His eyes were full of fear as he reached up to us with his palm outstretched. He looked to us all and said, "Darkness is coming," as the rest of his body collapsed and all that was left was dust.


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