Chapter 8

A/N: Before I start this, passages in Italics are the messages on the Prince's collar.

I pressed the replay button on the collar and automatically the messages started.

Twenty-fifth of Mundos, 5102: Today my father has given me a very important mission, one that he was planning to a long time. Father wants me to go to other planets in hopes that we will find information on The Ancient Evil that we have described in the texts of old. Myself and a team of three others will be leaving in three days' time.

Seventh of Salof, 5102: It's been thirty days since we left Veperon, and after visiting seven nearby planets, we finally found something worthwhile, the name of The Ancient Evil. The name is Zeali, we are not sure if it is a male or female… or if it even has a gender. I'm sure that after some more planets, we'll get more answers.

I shifted uncomfortably as the message played back, and I looked at Salera. Her face was paling and her eyes wide, she reached over me and pressed the replay button to stop the messages.

"Why did you stop it?" I asked, but Salera just shrugged me off. She waved her hand for me to quiet down as she put one hand over her heart and two fingers on her forehead.

"Bordaro? Can you hear me?" she asked aloud, she closed her eyes and seemed to listen, "I need you to come over here right now." She said anxiously, then her brows furrowed and I thought I saw a vein pop out of her forehead, "Well put out the fire and get over here now! This is more important than your dinner!"

She took her hand off her heart and her fingers from her forehead, I looked at her curiously, "Um, is there something wrong?"

"Wrong? WRONG?" she yelled, and she began to tower over me. I could see her face reddening, "There's a species out there trying to awaken something called The Ancient Evil, and you're asking what's WRONG?!"

I looked sheepishly around the room, trying not to meet her eyes, "I… I think I understand now… sorry…"

Salera's eye twitched and she leaned back, rubbing her temples to calm herself, "I swear… you may be powerful, but you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer… And I'm supposedly the one who just woke up." she mumbled, and I turned so my back was to her so I could make angry and inappropriate faces at her.

Bordaro flashed in and looked at us curiously, being as the both of us were standing on opposite sides of the room with our arms crossed and mumbling curses at one another.

"You needed to see me, Salera?" Bordaro said, trying not to pay too much attention to our childish behavior.

"Yeah, Kibila give me the collar." She said, and I turned to her and handed her the collar, flashing an apologetic look then smiled at her. She gave me an apologetic look also and then smiled back, I looked away, relieved.


After playing the two messages, Bordaro looked as if he were going to be ill, he was green and everything.

Salera and I watched him nervously, and waited for him to say something, then he finally did.

"Nirerd was right... when he said that darkness was coming? This is what he was talking about…" he trailed off, and his face contorted with pain as if he were recalling some awful memory, then he shook his head and snapped out of it, "Call Xiad… we need to have an Overseers meeting."

I looked around the room anxiously, "I suppose I'll be on my way now. I won't leave, I just want to go and give Rovla her sword." I said quickly, wanting to get out of the room as quickly as possible. Salera met my eyes and nodded, give me passage to leave. I gripped Rovla's sword a bit harder as I walked from the room.

As I got outside I saw that Rovla was still talking with her brother, and, at the moment, was showing him some energy moves. I cleared my throat and put on a fake smile.

She gasped as she saw what was in my hands, "Is that my sword?" she asked, and I thought I could see her shaking from excitement.

I held the sword out to her and she took it eagerly. I watched as her expression turned from excitement to sheer awe in seconds as she slid the blade from its sheath. The blade glowed, and the size of it shifted as all Overseers swords do the first time it's slid from its sheath. As the last few inches of the blade slid from its case, the sword grew a bit wider and a few inches longer. I saw the grip of her blade was red cloth with a long strip coming down from it. The guard was a simple, smooth black with a large swirling symbol in the middle.

Now, you may think that in my case my sword shrunk so I could fit it on my back, but it actually grew to that size.

"Wow…" Rovla said speechlessly, I noticed her arms shaking, either the sword was heavy or she was nervous.

"Is it really that heavy?" I asked, but she didn't seem to notice that her arms were shaking.

Rovla laughed nervously, "Yeah, kind of… here, wanna try holding it?" she said, extending the grip towards me.

I threw my hands up, backing away from her outstretched sword, "No way, do you want me to get punctured by blades?" I asked, and noticing her confusion started to explain, "Haven't you ever wondered why I've never let you so much as touch my sword? If anyone other than the designated Overseer were to even brush their fingertips on the pommel, spikes would shoot out to keep them from using it."

Rovla pulled back her new sword, still seeming amazed by it, but now with a twinge of fear plugged into the equation. She put the sword back in her sheath and looked back at me, "So when do I get to start training with this?"

"Maybe tomorrow, and if we're unlucky, the day after. I'm not all that sure what's going on, but I know it can't be good."

I felt Xiad's energy appear in the building and I turned my head to look at the door. Bordaro walked out, still looking sick, and looked at me, "Come in Kibila, we have much to discuss." I walked into the door and felt Rovla and Alvor following me, Bordaro stopped them at the door. He held out his hand in front of them, "Salera has decided that you two will not be attending this meeting, or any meeting afterwards until you become Overseers yourselves."

Rovla huffed, "But that's not fair! We deserve to be informed as well!" she nearly yelled.

I turned, red-faced, "Rovla! You will not speak to your superior's that way. I thought I'd taught you that lesson long ago." I knew that my now red eyes were staring straight into hers, I hated that my eyes conveyed my emotions. Though it was very intimidating at times, it kept me from hiding my emotions in any way, shape, or form.

I saw Rovla shrink back slightly in fear, and her brother looked at her curiously, he had obviously never seen me when I got this angry. I took a deep breath, then took a step toward her, placing my hand on her shoulder, "Look… if Salera wants you two to stay out of this, it's for a good reason. Maybe she doesn't want you to worry, or she doesn't want you to run off and do something rash. Either way, she's protecting you, and your brother, whether you like it or not." I said, then took my hand off her shoulder and turned, pushing the door open and closing it behind me.

I closed my eyes and breathed out, feeling my anger leave and my eyes returning to a normal, peaceful aquamarine color that signaled when I was feeling calm. I took another deep breath, readying myself for the inevitable bad news to come as I sat down in the southern chair. Bordaro walked in from outside and sat down in his chair.

Xiad looked at us from his chair, "What's going on?" he asked simply.

Salera took a deep breath from where she sat, and said, "Tell them Bordaro."

Bordaro took a deep breath, " As you all should know, I'm 704 years old, and 800 years ago, the Ancient Evil, a female creature named Zeali, was released by an ambassador from a planet in my quadrant. I wasn't alive when she was released, but I was an Overseer for the last four years before she was contained. She's a powerful creature. No Overseer has ever been able to kill her, and no one is even sure that she can be killed."

I crossed my arms, slightly excited by the idea of an extremely powerful opponent, "What makes her so powerful?" I asked, intrigued.

Bordaro looked at me, baffled, "Are you doubting that something called The Ancient Evil isn't powerful?"

"You know, I had this same conversation with Salera earlier, except it was less… civilized. So, no, I'm not doubting she's powerful, I would just like to know what I'd be dealing with if I were to fight her." I explained, not wanting to get yelled at again.

"Well, first of all, she's basically the representation of both temptation and corruption. The temptation part alone would be fine, but it's the corruption part of her that makes her what she is. If she weren't combined with corruption, she wouldn't have this constant need to have more power. She steals energy from other living beings by placing two fingers on any orifice and drawing the energy from it. She then consumes the power and makes it her own. She won't be too terribly powerful when she first wakes up, but if she collects enough energy, she could end up being too much for us to handle."

"How did the Overseers before us manage to seal her away?" Xiad asked, his eyes focused intently on Bordaro and his further greening face.

Bordaro looked at his hands on the table for a few moments, then looked back up at Xiad, "Well, all five of us attacked her at the same time. We fought her until she had no energy left and the High Overseer at the time managed to hit her hard enough to knock her out. During the time that she was out, we constructed a structure that kept her from regenerating an energy, keeping her in a coma-like state.

"Although we had no casualties from that battle, Zeali managed to wound a three of us permanently. Oberan, the Southern Overseer, lost all control of his left arm. Sali, the Northern Overseer, had lost vision in her right eye and her ability to wield energy. And Nirerd… he got a blow to the head so hard that he lost all memories prior to that battle." Bordaro said, wincing as he recalled Nirerd.

"Where did you put the structure that you stored her in?" I asked.

"I was just about to bring this up. We buried it on the moon of an uninhabited planet called Inearus. The moon was named Onearus. We should go there right away to make sure no one has disturbed the tomb."

Salera stood from her chair, "Right. I'll go find it in my Seer Fountain. Kibila, take Rovla back to your planet, her and Alvor are not to know about this." She said sternly, I nodded and got up, walking to the door.

When I got outside the building, I saw Rovla leaning against the wall with her sword in its sheath under her arm. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be sleeping, as odd as that sounded. I suddenly realized what a tough day we'd both had, and that I still had more to do. I frowned slightly, then carefully picked Rovla up and took us back to our planet.

When we got back, I put Rovla in her bed, setting her sword down next to her, and went to my basically unused desk that sat in the corner of my room. After dusting off years' worth of dust, I finally dug out a piece of paper and a pencil, then wrote Rovla a note.


Gone out to take care of something with Salera, Bordaro, and Xiad. Don't ask what when I get back, I'm not allowed to tell you. There's food that you can make if I don't get back in time to make it, I assume you know by now how to cook, seeing as how many times you've watched me do it.

Dammit, now I'm hungry.

Anyways, take care, we'll resume training tomorrow, assuming that your hand is fixed up good enough and that I can actually fit it in with whatever is going on right now. Make sure you leave me something to eat, I'm going to pig out when I get home.

See you soon,


I folded up the note and put it on her sword, then turned and walked to the door, going out of the room and shutting the door behind me. I could sense that Bordaro and Salera were already at Onearus, so I rushed from the house and left my planet.


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