The next day at lunch I sat with Parker and Ben. Once Ben said, "K.J. and Dad say I'm weird," he paused to take a drink, giving me the perfect opportunity to say, "But, Ben… you are weird!"

Ben looked at me for a minute then picked up his spoon, filled it with mashed potatoes, and flipped the spoon, filling my face with his food.

Quick as lightning I grabbed my drink-lemonade-and poured it on Ben. Parker grabbed his entire plate and flipped it at me. (it was paper so it didn't hurt)

Pretty soon Jay, Parker's dad, walked up behind Ben and 'spilled' his ice cream down Ben's shirt.

Ben shot up grabbing his ice cream and shoving it into Jay's face.

Soon the entire camp was having one huge, epic food fight!

That afternoon, while the boys went swimming, the girls played baseball. It was the bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, 9 to 4, it was looking pretty good for my team, and I was up to bat.

I stepped onto the plate, realizing that Diana was pitcher. She threw me the ball and I imagined it was her face. I hit it with a loud thwack. I took off running, Kiwi grabbed the ball, and threw it to Diana.

Diana, taking perfect aim, threw the ball with all her strength. It hit my back, and I fell to the ground. The pain was so strong I didn't know what to do with it. So I screamed. I screamed so long and so hard that everyone stood stone still, even the distant sound of water splashing stopped.

As a few of the adults made their way over, I saw Diana wink at me, put her hand on her hip, and smile a very pleased smile.