Title: Scelus

Chapter: 1

FictionPress Summary: Arelie Drury lives in a world far more complex: where the Church controls everything from housing to marriage. She is hoping to get the education she believes she deserves but a mysterious person from her past, both in this life and the previous, is in her way. Will her faith be shaken once she knows the truth about herself and the man she's falling for?

Full Summary: After the fall of the United States decades before she was born, Arelie Drury lives in a world far more complex: where the Church controls everything from housing to marriage. She is hoping to get the education she believes she deserves but a mysterious person from her past, both in this life and the previous, is in her way. Someone she should have never encountered. But now they have to stay by each other to survive. But not all is what it seems to the poor girl. Will her faith be shaken once she knows the truth about herself and the man she's falling for? Will she be able to go against what she had set her morals to be? And will she be able to escape her fate?

Rating: T... M in later chapters

Pairings: MxF (surprise about pairing in later chapters)

A/N: This story may have some hiatuses in the future but I will promise those faithful followers to update as soon as I can. If there's something I hate doing, it's letting you guys down.

The presumably young teenager sat in her desk as she was forced to listen to her history teacher drone on and on about the Cold War. Outside was pouring so it would be impossible to go outside of the classroom. She could put on her headphones but the teacher had a strict policy about electronics so that wasn't an option to her. She could have acted sick but she had already done that millions of times that it became like the boy who cried wolf. Instead she focused on the dream she has this morning.

It was odd for her to remember dreams; it's even more odd considering she doesn't dream at all. But this one was different to her. All she could see was darkness as someone from behind wrapped their arms around her waist and kissing her neck in her bed. She had felt… what was the word again? Uncomfortable? Displeased? No, it was more like a yearning to her. She remembered hearing the person as they nipped her ear and told her, "Ego inveniam te." It made her feel… accepted if that was the right word. Yes it was the correct word to describe it.

Days like these usually go by so slow but she didn't mind. As long as she got to go home and think about a Career in the Dauil, that was worth it. All of her other friends that still go to school have already been talking about possible arranged marriages within the group and never found someone for her. "You're not really inclined to one. Didn't your father say that you were to spend of your life in Wirth?" She would usually reply with something to assure that she wasn't being transferred, even if that was the bitter truth. If only I could find that special person. If only I could find him.

"Ms. Arelie Drury, if you may, why did the former United States enter the Cold War?" She was snapped back to reality and watch a thousand eyes being aimed at her. It gave her very discomfort for someone like herself to be the center of attention, since she was too plain for anyone her generation to notice. In fact, only a handful of females were left in the classroom. Every other female had already found their Perfect and lived the lives that their mothers had lived, and their mothers before. The ones left were the females who had a greater chance of being in Wirth, which was a place all males were to go. It was considered a honor for males, but a curse to females. If one was lucky, they will be in the Dauil, where they had much more options than in Wirth.

Going back to the subject at hand, she became calm and looked at the whiteboard. "The former United States and the former Soviet Union had a bitter rivalry around the end of World War Two. It was called the Cold War because there was no actual combat involved, only nuclear weapons. They tested each other to see which country was far superior in technology and whether democracy or communism is better. The 'war' stopped after the collapse of the Soviet Union in nineteen ninety-one in the year of our lord. That's all I remembered from my history scholar course last year." The teacher remained stunned at her answer as was the rest while the males had a shot of jealously on their faces.

"Very good Drury. Keep up the good work and maybe you will be in a Career in no time." She remained the same, knowing that there was a very slim chance that she would actually be in a Career. All the people that had went to Dauil and have gotten a Career so far have been males. What makes him think that I have a better chance than all of these males? The speaker came on and silence the class.

"Arelie Drury, report to the front office. Arelie Drury, report to the front office," the voice said with such a raspy voice. It was clearly a male since no females have ever been a part of the school system. She gave a large sigh as she stood up and being questioned by her peers.

"Maybe she's finally being transferred."

"No, it's her day I think."

"A Perfect for her? What's next, females actually being honored for being sent to Wirth?"

"No… doesn't seem right for her to be called so suddenly. Maybe it's—"

The teacher slammed the bible against the desk and stared at the class, making sure that there was order in the classroom. The room instantly became silent as the teenager stood, waiting to be dismissed by her teacher. He nodded his head to signal her departure from the classroom. She stutter at first, but then gradually walked her way outside where she slammed herself again one of the blank walls.

The plain hallways had depictions of the different saints and angels along with the Holy Trinity on the walls. It was normal for them to see these pictures as it was a daily part of the their regular lives. Just like eating and resting, all very natural to her. The rain picked up more than ever, so it would be wise to stick to the walls than to roam freely like a youngling. Arelie then walked against the wall to get to the front office.

"Dear Lord, I hope this visit doesn't cost me my education. That would be the last thing I want right now," she prayed softly as she reached the front office just in time. The office, as always, had the figures of the Nativity and the Blessed Trinity. The place always smelled like the church and gave it a rather holy appearance. But there was something about it that made it seem awkward to her all of a sudden. Or rather the presence of someone…

She waited in the seats and was rather nervous about the whole thing. She had heard rumors of people called into the office and they never come back into the school. It scared her to the core thinking about having her education taken away. Her education, the only thing she actually cared for.

The bell on the desk rang, signaling her appearance in the office. She gulped down all of her worries and stood up to get to be in front of the door. This was the moment of truth, to find out why she was called in the first place. She stayed in the position, until she heard three knocks. She opened the door and was quite surprised at the sight.