Random rant as I read and face trolls. Why oh why human race? /facepalm/

The Joker's Sword is Language

What is a joker? A playing card? Just somebody who wants to get a kick out of people? Or the kind of joker we see, stereotyped by the Batman series? Crazy psychopaths. Or even the funny comedians on the comedy channel. Why do we even have differentiating terms; such as 'practical joker'?

What a joker is in truth; is a mirror. The Joker, whomever it may be, reflects y is The Joker him/herself and his/her audience.

The Joker of whom I am talking about will not be the ones who entertain our society. They won't be the comedians. The ones who think of funny likes for their actors to say and make us all laugh. That would need a much bigger paper. No, I am talking about us and in particularly sensitive jokes.

I have a firm belief that, if you say any sexist or rape joke such as: "get back to the kitchen", "that's what SHE said" , 'she deserves to be raped' or racist joke: any joke with the n word in it, "how many - does it take to change the light bulb", any or any use of 'retarded' or 'gay' in a joke or just any sensitive joke, to your core you BELIEVE IT.

That's right.

Every time, you type out or say any joke that is sensitive to minorities or just about anyone, a little part of you believes it.

To add insult to injury the audience that, does not boo down immediately or reject the offender, be it every day or online or on stage, is a willing participant.

My request to you, is that think before you spew. The words you say reflect a part of you and in the case of sensitive jokes spread just a tinie bit farther the sensitive joke.

Remember, the Joker's Sword is Language. Are you going to let the "Joker" pit us against each other in hopes we blow each other up? Dooming criminals or dooming civilians? Or are we going to let him get frustrated enough that Batman intervenes?