"Hey! Wait up!" he yells down the corridor.

I'm at the other end, so I turn around to watch him push his way slowly down to me. He's such a douche.

When he arrives, breathing heavily, I say, "What took you so long?" with a smile barely concealed. His brown mid-length hair is in his eyes and he glares at me. I grin.

"Don't be like that Tina. I..." he trails off.

I raise an eyebrow, "What?"

"Never mind." He mutters, looking at the floor, blushing.

"Tell me." I insist.

"I... It doesn't matter." He says.

I pin him against the locker and hiss, "Tell me now, Luke."

He gulps.

"Ok, ok. I like you." He looks scared, "That's why i kept teasing you." He stares at the wall opposite.

He likes me? Me? The girl who trips over her own feet and spills everything?

"Really? I mean, it's not just a joke or a prank, is it?" I ask suspiciously, looking in his eyes, which are a beautiful crystal blue.

"Yes." He admits quietly.

I slam my lips into his before telling him, "I like you too."

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