This story begins a long time ago when there were many dragons and finishes at the present day…

In a year when there were many of the dragons still alive, a mother dragon was about to lay an egg which she knew would produce a baby dragon. She looked about the district to see where she could find a suitable, quiet place to lay her egg.

The mother dragon found a lovely cool cave which was not being used by any other dragons or animals.

When she went into the cave she found a perfect place to stop and make a nest of grass, soft bark and other materials which would make it a comfortable place for the baby dragon to be born. It would have to be a safe place where a newborn dragon could live undisturbed until it was big enough to be able to care for itself.

When the little male dragon was born it was a great surprise to its mother that it could talk with the voice of a dragon as well as a human's voice. My son is indeed a special dragon the mother thought.

She and the little dragon spent the usual time together until the little one was big enough to be left by itself so that she could go out in search of some food for them both.

While the mother dragon was away, the little one, which she named "Griffo" went in the opposite direction to his mother; exploring. Soon he became lost in the cave by taking a number of other tunnels which led from the main tunnel where his nest lay.

After what seemed to be a long time, he came to an opening and went to take a look outside. He could see a strange new world which seemed full of odd creatures with only two legs. They had bright coloured skins and had funny things that covered their legs and feet. He later learned these were called clothes and shoes and socks.

These creatures lived inside even stranger things they called houses, which were filled with lots of things they called furniture.

He found all this out when he made a dash from the cave into one of these houses to take a look around. He hid inside an open cupboard when he heard something coming. This was in a little boy's room and he stayed there until it was dark.

When it was the middle of the night, Griffo left the cupboard.

As he was about to leave the room, a voice stopped him, right where he stood.

"Where do you think you're going?" The voice demanded, but never really expecting a reply. The owner of the voice was a little five year old boy.

To the boy's great surprise, the dragon answered in a human's voice. "I was just going back to my cave to see if I could find my mother".

"How come you can speak our language?" the boy asked quite puzzled.

The dragon explained that he didn't know how, only that he could talk the same as the boy ever since he was born.

They talked and talked for most of the night and the boy finally explained that he must get some sleep because he had to go to school early in the morning.

The dragon didn't have any idea what school was, but agreed that he needed to go to sleep too as he was very tired after a long day. Before going to sleep the dragon asked if he could go to school with the boy, who told him his name was Peter.

Peter said he would have to find a name for him too, but the dragon replied that he already had a name and it was Griffo. Peter was happy that Griffo wanted to come to school with him, but suggested that it would be safer for him to hide inside his school bag.

From that point on, they decided to call each other by their names.

The next morning, Peter put Griffo in his school bag. Every so often, Griffo would poke his head out to take a look at this strange new world he was in. During morning recess, Peter showed Griffo to one of his friends.

Peter's friend immediately became frightened and raced away to tell the nearest teacher what he had just seen.

Peter could see that he had made a mistake by showing Griffo to his friend, so he put Griffo back into his bag and raced back to the cave where Griffo had told Peter he came from in the first place.

When they reached the cave, Peter gently took Griffo out of his bag and placed him on the cool grass. Then he wished him the best of luck in finding his mother and with a heavy heart Peter said goodbye to his new found friend and made his way back to school… hoping that one day Griffo would come back to visit him.