Never learn.

There is a certain certainty,
One fails to notice.
For when you sit still alone,
The very thought ends this.

As though the very fear to feel,
Is the soft harness that pulls.
You back away from here,
Leaving me like a fool.

Sometimes the rain smells like the ocean,
As though the heaven falls.
From time to time like people do,
Until the seas are filled.

You might lose sleep,
Honest I know not the effect.
But you should know those shivers,
And sighs that wrecked.

Tear stains and glassy eyes,
I could deny your lie.
But surely you would be smart enough,
That I know I do justify.

Yet at the end of the day,
Where the moons greets the night.
I will still dream of you,
Stealing stars from my sky.