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I was sitting in my new room. The room had a coating of plain dark brown paint on the walls; the dryness of the room was what I wanted in this room. I looked outside of the window to see greyness in the driveway of the small town of Quilcene. I heard a lot of rusting and blowing, it was the noises of nature out there, the smell inside the room was a whiff of vanilla-lavender perfume, and my grandmother loved that smell. I was sent here to live with my grandparents Julio and Rosa and their helper Wanda so I looked around the room to see all of the furniture was in grown as well. I got up off the chair to look in the mirror.

I didn't like what I saw, a girl that looked like a fairy, elfin almost. My hair was long, curly and mahogany brown, my eyes were forest green, skin white with a beige complexion on; I was quite small and thin for my age which was seventeen. I wore mostly mom type clothes because I was very shy and awkward in the public eye. Walking around seemed better than going outside with other teenagers in this small town, it seems that nothing can go wrong.

My life is quite decent, had family and friends until I lost it all. My father Paulo was my soul parent because my mother left me when I was five, she left behind a lot of black magic ornaments but my grandparents locked them up as they were too dangerous for the eye. The window, the greyness of the sky, tranquil from the bristly trees that blew in the wind and I wanted to feel that peace and beauty within nature. I could like to see an ending to the wars.

I placed my hand on the window, to feel it's coldness from the outside. The pulsing in the blood stream signalled it to be cold outside. I wanted to be out but the folk around here had a bad history of witches in the town. This town used to be a popular place for witches to be until the witch trials then they would be forced into hiding.

My line of magic is from two lines of magic. The white magic I have is from the family of my grandfather called Donderos but I came from the Doomflower line also, this line was rich in dark magic but my father refined me into using it as it was too dangerous. I loved my father but his death was like having a hole in my heart, the man that taught me how to use magic in the first place. I missed him a lot. Being in Quilcene was no choice as his parents were the only family I had left. I had dark magic through my bloodstream, it was from my absent mother, who is descendent from the Doomflower line of magic; that line of magic is the purest of dark magic along with the Nightshadow line which is originated from the blood of demons and evil spirits while my mom's line came from the practice of evil spells and charms. My grandmother Rosa entered my room. I have been in this town for two weeks so school was OK since I got decent grades from hard work.

"You OK sweetie" my grandmother asked

"Not really" I replied

"I miss him too"

"I just feel so lifeless"

"It's just being a teenage girl"

"I miss everyone"

"I know"

"Why did Noah dump me?"

"His mother is an awful judge of character"

"I just want to be alone"

"It's OK"

"I don't think so"

"Get outside and wear a cardigan"


"Try and blend in and stay away from the other witches around the neighbourhood"

"Their circle is nothing but destruction and death as it did to your father"

"Tell me more"

"Maybe later, if you can handle the tragic disadvantage of witchcraft and friends"

I got out my huge dark brown cardigan/sweater from my closet. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go outside but it was the best advice given to me, it's no good staying in my room and reading books. I was running downstairs to leave the house. It was quite windy outside; my hair was blowing with the wind. I have been in this house for only a day so it was technically my first day going outside in the musty weather. I had my truck keys in my pocket so I inevitably made my way to my truck, it was in good shape, its dark brown paint job seemed crappy on the outside but I loved it.

I see a girl and a boy hanging around the house next door. The boy seemed to be laughing and smiling. His hair was auburn, sleek and to his neck, his eyes were hazel and was quite short and thin, he was wearing a big black sweater, brown pants and old black sneakers. The girl had curly sandy blonde hair, bright pink eyes and she was short and with a boyish figure, she was wearing a maroon coloured skirt to her knees, a pink sweater and chestnut brown boots. They were playing in the wind, they must be silly. I see them coming closer to each other, almost like kissing. They must be very close friends to even be together like they were buddies or boyfriend and girlfriend as they kissed once more.

I walked over to them. They were the only other teenagers I saw in the neighbourhood. Both of them were normal teenagers like me. I was trying not to scowl in front of them, the taste coming in my mouth was disgusting and moulding so I held in the nasty taste as I shouldn't spit in front of others. The boy and girl were staring at me as if I was an animal in the zoo giving a money making performance.

"Hey, you must be Rosa's granddaughter" the girl asked politely

"I'm Isabel Cortez" I replied

"Kirsty Taylor is the name and this is my boyfriend Darren Perry, who thinks he's a funny boy"

"Hey, I am funny" Darren joked

"Tell Skyler that"

"He has no sense of humour, always wondering into books of the black arts"

"So what are you two doing?"

"Waiting for our friends"


"Adele Wilson and Kevin Green, they are dating as well as we are"

"Are you witches?"


"I could see it by the eyes"

"Finally another witch in town"

"Of course"

"I can't wait to tell the others"

"Wait, what others"

"We have a witch circle with the two of us and some friends of ours"

"Tell me more"

"In a few"


"Not anyone can be in it"


"It's exclusive"

I waited with Kirsty and Darren, my sort of newly made friends, we talked about mostly teenager stuff, we talked about how much we think that people are ignorant for thinking that witches were ugly and had pointy hats, it was the human way of it because they feared our kind. The wind started blowing harshly again, the trees were swaying, and it was an adrenaline rush for a witch but a nightmare for a human.

A car was coming into the driveway. I didn't know what I was seeing through the cold winds, with leaves blowing everywhere as if it was a hard storm. Two people came out of the car. The storm was calming down. The boy was quite tall and thin, his hair was black and sleeked back and his eyes were brown. The girl beside him was different. She had long honey blonde hair, her eyes were blue, and she had an apple body shape and was short.

I was wondering on how the couple were so beautiful, they were like the perfect vampires. I was staring so rudely as I was fascinated. I didn't feel the cold of the wind anymore. Kirsty was leaning against my arm, she must be trying to warm me up and Darren was just smiling and joking around in the driveway. The boy and girl were familiar with Kirsty and Darren as they were just making funny faces at each other. The aura I was feeling from the second couple were filled with peacefulness, kindness and white magic running through their veins. I felt relieved inside that they were not bad.