I was getting out of this house. I didn't want to say goodbye to anyone because they already knew that I was going home. I was stopped by Skyler again. He offered to drive me home so I couldn't be rude. I got into Skyler's black Volvo; it was sleep, shiny and special. The leather seats were comfortable so I rested my head on the seat head; he got into the driver's seat as he was preparing the engine to for. It was dark outside. I could see a lot of forestry in the headlights as he was driving.

My hands were incredibly cold like ice cubes. Slyer didn't want to talk as he was a perfectionist when it came to driving, his driving put me at ease, and it seems that he wanted to know stuff about me. I wanted to know more about him, his lineage and if he wants to spend any time with me away from his circle. Tomorrow was Halloween, my first in Quilcene so I wanted to go to a real party, if I can get ungrounded soon. The Volvo stopped at Skyler's front porch as my house was next door. I got out of the car, onto the sidewalk and closed the door after myself. I stood there in my sweater, freezing so death in the cold night in this small town. Skyler held me in his arms to keep me warm and snug. I liked it.

"I have to go" Skyler said politely

"Where" I replied

"Somewhere but get home safe"

"I will"

"I know you will" he said as he kissed my forehead, got back into his car and drove off

"Afterwards I never saw Skyler Grey. I was walking towards the front door until my grandparents Julio and Rosa were standing there with their housekeeper Wanda. The two looked mad and furious as hell. I went inside as Wanda closed the door. I felt disappointed in myself that I didn't get to call them to know where I was or if I was alive.

"Isabella Ruth Cortez" my grandmother snapped in fury

"I'm so sorry" I replied

"Rosa, she is a teenager now" my grandfather pleased in my defence

"You could have been killed

"Skyler saved me"

"Why, so he can take advantage of you"

"No way, he likes me"

"Only for your powers"

"You never tell me anything"

"Rosa, let her go"

"I'm just worried about you meha" she said as she calmed down

"I'm fine, honestly so can I go out to a Halloween party with Adele, tomorrow"

"OK, only because I know Adele is a good girl unlike that cousin of her's Jenny, what a whore"

"If you say so"

When I got into my room, there was a present wrapped up in black tissue paper and neatly tied with a blood-red ribbon so I early opened it; there was a diary, charms, necklaces, enchantments and a spell book. A letter fell out. I opened it and it said:

Dear Isabella

I'm sorry that I haven't been there for you. I was only thinking of myself at the time; it never occurred to me that I would be passing on my family curse onto you. I know you are strong and coming of age of your powers fully developing and being able to control them. Forgive me and passing on my demonic magic onto you as it has been in the Doomflower family for generations since the Stone Age, if I get a hold of myself then I'll see you again.

Yours truly – Paula Aretha Doomflower Kane

I was shocked to realise that my mom was alive; she wrote to me. I had it in my arms as it was a sign of hope that she might come back to me. I put the diary and the other items in my trunk in front of my bed and locked it. I hear the closing of a door which meant that Skyler was home, I was standing near my window carefully; seeing him undress made me feel sensual and dirty inside, my hands were playing with my hair as I imagined him playing with my hair with that seductive smile. 'Ahh, he was so stunning when in the flesh' I thought smoothly in my head as had to shake it out; my growing infatuation with Skyler was something that excited me. I got changed into my pyjamas, navy-blue then cuddled with my yellow stuffed bear called Bobo; it was like a comfort to me since I was a child and still is in my teenage years.

I wanted to dream such beautiful and slightly things but I couldn't because it was wrong. I wanted to dream about the wonderful Halloween party at Adele's house with Adele, Kevin, Darren and Kirsty, my new friends. I had the hunch that Jenny, Tara and Jeff didn't like me at all. I started to fall asleep slowly as I wanted to join the circle because of my new friends and I had found a love interest so quickly. Tara's tone of voice reminded me of Kayleigh, Noah's older sister, she was mean to me as she hated everything to do with the black arts so she was the cause of us breaking up and damaging me for good. I was going to like staying in this town.