You said "What about it"
I said "What about what"

"Marriage and all that"

I didn't look up in case you weren't sincere

Because you are everything I hold dear

"Well" you said

I lifted my head

We looked at each other

Our smiles you couldn't smother

I don't think either of us actually ever did propose

Things just happened I suppose

It was just decided there and then

Now we've chose the place and when

Being a recession

We just had a session

The ring has to wait

More important that we get our date

Deposits are paid on music and venue

Were still deciding on the menu

I know a surprise you'll spring

When I do get that ring

We're both over forty

And oh so flirty

Wouldn't it be such a laugh

To stick out our tongues for a photograph

Just a reminder for anyone who's lonely

He or she is out there looking for you only

We've found love,

we fit like a glove

So remember it's never to late to meet your soul mate

Ray loads of hugs 'n kisses
Can't wait to be your missus