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Peeking through the blinds at the figure dancing across the street, and into a house, I wait. I sit in my chair, perched in front of the checkered curtians. Waiting. No one knows I'm here. No one ever will know.

One small lamp dimly lights the room, allowing me to see. It's dark out. The sun has set on the horizion, but I'm still sitting here. Waiting. Still perched infront of the red checkered curtians. I peek through them again, looking at the pale blue house across from mine.

I hold cool metal in my hand, tossing it back and forth, right, left, right, left, right. I grasp it in my hand. Waiting. For an hour, maybe two. I've been sitting in this off-white room, in front of this window. With the curtians not covering a small part. Enough for me to spy through, and look at the next door house.

Patiently, I wait for the window to light up, on the house across from mine. As patiently, and calmly as possible. My heart pounds at a steady beat. My fingers grasp the handle of the cool metal.

How could they do this to me? Refusing my offer. Brainless fool. Running away from me. They thought they could hide. They thought that they could get away from their past. They were wrong. Everyone is wrong. No one knows the power that I hold. No one knows how ignorant it is to refuse offers. Important offers, especially.

I shift my body in the wooden chair. Waiting. Not caring if I'll be sitting in this chair all night. I'll wait. I have one task, and one objective. One thing to do. Simple.

The rage I hold inside me. It has to leave. Rage drives you insane. No one likes to be insane. I like to be insane, but that's beside the point. Insanity is my shelter. It's what keeps me as sane as I can be, while insane.

The lights turn off in the house across from mine, and turn back on in the window right across from mine. It's time. No more waiting.

A shadow figure peeks through the curtians, and I lean forward in my chair, opening my window. Less noise. It's better that way.

I hold the cool metal object in my hand, poking it out the window. I wait. A figure comes into view. I squint my eyes, and flex my index finger. I hear a screech, then silence. The shadow figure crumples to the floor.

A smile tugs at my lips. The task in complete. I've done it. No more waiting.

I sit on the wooden chair, tossing the metal object from one hand to the other. Satisfied, I sigh, relaxing in my chair. I reach over and set the metal object on my bed side table.

I stand from the chair, my feet hitting the hard wood floor with a thud. I walk over to my bed, laying down. I reach and shut off the dim light. Darkness surrounds me.

It doesn't bother me that I just murdered a person. It doesn't bother me that they'll probably be laying on the floor for quite some time. It doesn't bother me that there is a dead person a few short seconds away from me.

It satisfies me. Greatly.