Hello (or Goodbye)

The bittersweet tragedy

Has finally come to a close

Now that I've cried my tears

Comes the thing I've feared the most

Now that the silence has taken place

Comes the chase

After the emptiness

Must come the forgiveness

But if I called

I sometimes wonder

If you would answer.

And if you emailed me

I don't know if I could reply

Yes, if we tried again

I'm not sure if we'd say


Or goodbye

They say you never really

Lose a friend

But if we saw each other again

Could we make ammends?

If you said "Hey,"

Would I say "Hi,"?

And if I said "Hello,"

Woud you say goodbye?

If we tried again

Would we be enemies or

Would we be friends?

If I saw you at random

Is it me you would abandon?

And iIf I called your name

Would you feel the same?

So if I called would you answer?

And if I said hi

Would you say

"Hello!" or "Goodbye!"?

I want to try again.

And I want nothing more

Than to be your friend.

So when I call

Please answer.

And when I say


Pease reply

But if you hang up,

It's not going to be hello

It's going to be good bye.