What I wouldn't give

To see you smile again

To hear the laugh

I never thought I'd

Want to hear

And how much I wish

You to know how


I am when I say

I'm here for you.

If you ever need assistance

I'll walk the distance

And if you need a friend

I'll be here until the end

I'll be a listening ear

And when you come by

I'll draw near

I know sadness

I know what its like

To feel empty inside

So with me you don't have to hide

You can speak from your heart

And I'll stand by

I'll play my part

Tell me now

How can I make you smile

What joke is there to tell

To make you laugh

How long will I have to wait

To hear your voice

And not your heart

As it aches

How can I prove my support

And prove that this time

I won't desert you

Listen, I'm here for you

Whenever you need

A smile

Call my name

And I'll walk the miles

If you need to laugh

I'll be there

In half

The time I did last

And if you need a friend

You should know I'll

Be there until the very end.

Until I see you smile.

Until I hear your laugh

Through my ears

Oh you should know

I'll be here :)