Dancing With the Devil

I did it, I killed him

Ended his life with only my hands

I did it, I shot him

Then had to meet with the laws demands

It happened, I got caught

They came screaming up in their cars

It happened, arrested

And they shoved me behind bars

It was mercy, I promise

It was heaven to which he was sent

It was mercy, he'll thank me

It was heaven to which he went

I'm sadistic, but sane

At least that's what they say

I'm sadistic, so brutal

And it's from the right path that I stray

They hurt me, cut me

And they said it was me who was wrong

They hurt me, hit me

I can't cope with this all my life long

I'm insane, I know it

No man should think like this

I'm insane, they blame me

This is not my promised bliss

I died, suicide

There was no place for a madman in there

I died, alone

Without so much as a final prayer

I'm here, in hell

And now everything is finally level

I'm here, my heaven

And I'm dancing with the devil…