"Hey, you

Yeah, you, what you looking at"?

"Did you buy tickets"

That was roared at me as I watched this fine gentleman try to dump a package

At first, I thought it was just ordinary rubbish but he was being too protective of it

then whatever it was, moved ever so slightly

I couldn't move

I was rooted to the spot

he could roar and bellow all he liked

but I wasn't going anywhere

I couldn't

He looked at me with an evil grin

and just dropped his bundle in the bin

then with an ignorant shrug

went on his way his errand done

I think I actually heard him whistle

I rushed over

and gently picked up this man's rubbish

I unwrapped it

it was a beautiful little kitten


it's colour being its only distinguishing mark

a tiny scrap of a thing

It wasn't moving now

no sound emitting

I massaged its little chest

urging it on with every thing I had

A tiny little rise


I can do this

It slowly opened its eyes

took deep racking breaths

its little body spasmed


blessed relief

its breathing no longer laboured


a most wondrous thing

like a baby's first cry

a miaow, barely audible

music to my ears

then getting louder

rising to a fantastic ear-busting, heartwarming crescendo

I've kept it

it's now my companion

when it wants to be

I called her hope

One man's rubbish is now my treasure