A Cuddle from the Devil

My mother was a murder

My father was a fraud

I helped them in their life of crime

Not a bone in me was good

It was help them or get out

I had no other choice

As I didn't want to live alone

I joined them and helped too

I got involved in a big job

One that would make us rich

Helped my mother and father

With everything they did

We came face to face, with a cop

I panicked, and I shot

I stared in shock and horror

At his limp and lifeless body

He looked so empty, so hollow

As he lay there on the pavement

I didn't even leave the scene

Paralysed by shock

They caught me so soon after,

I suppose it was easy really

They took me to court for trial

Their verdict; guilty

I was executed the next year

Despite me not having a choice

They said I was still responsible

And that it was all my fault

Death was not as cold and dark

As I'd expected it to be

They questioned and they judged me

On every choice that I had made

They say because of what I did

I couldn't go to heaven

So instead I lie here happily

Calm; in the arms of the devil