Chapter One: Surprises

Music reverberated around half the room loudly. I yawned with no interest once so ever. Flo Rida was ok in my opinion; Low was an offensive song to some people if you ask me. I was not paying attention to my mom calling out my name either. That was until she knocked on the door like a million times…which annoyed me. How come my brother wasn't here to get it?

"What?" I said annoyed stopping the song. Could I have at least a moment of peace? I mean God.

"Open the door young lady right now!" I sighed and hopped off the beanbag chair landing perfectly on my feet. It took me a long time to master that since the beanbag chair was so low to the ground. I had a lot of practice because of my mother knocking on my door a lot. Speaking of my mother, I knew how this was going to end. The last, say, I don't know, hundred conversations went like this:

Mom: Could you please turn down the music? Dani is trying to sleep.

Me: I'm right in the middle of a song here.

Mom: Well turn it off!

Me: I already told you that I'm in the middle of the song!

Mom: Don't talk back to me young lady.

Me: I'm not talking back to you! I'm simply stating a fact!

Mom: That's it! You're grounded for a week!

Has that ever stopped me? No, not really. I've tried talking to my dad about it but I usually just end up screwed. His conversations went like this:

Me: Mom grounded me for stating a fact.

Dad: mmm…

Me: I'm also developing a nuclear bomb in the basement.

Dad: That's nice honey.

See, it doesn't get me anywhere. He doesn't pay attention to things if you ask me. He's always looking at the news waiting to see if his name was mentioned for saving a cat or something. My last resort was Dani. But what can a three year old do? Clap his hands together and say 'hey, why don't we try to fix this?', it's more like clap his hands together and say 'hand me that bottle or I'll spit on you' sort of thing.

So yeah, there is really nothing to help me out. I opened the door. "What?" I asked again.

"Could you please turn the music down?" Oh, here we go. Great.

"I'm right in the middle of a-" I started but she cut me off.

"Nevermind that Iz," she said, "I wanted to talk to you." Oh, well this was new. I couldn't find anything she'd want to talk about. I mean I've already had the puberty talk with her. That was very awkward. Figuring Dani was in her stomach then. Then there was the sex talk. Oh, she hadn't talked that talk with me yet. I mean, I don't think we want to anyway. It's already a proven fact that I will not get a boyfriend anytime soon…according to pretty much everyone except my older, overprotective brother Ben who is almost never here.

"'Bout?" I prompted.

"I know it's been hard for you…" She trailed off.

Since when? Oh yeah. Right. The whole 'moving' thing. It's been a pain in the ass really. My family is rather large I guess you could say. Altogether there are six of us: Mom, Dad, Ben, John, me and Dani. I'm the only girl besides Mom and it kind of sucks; Mom blames herself for me turning out to be a tomboy. The only reason why we move is because of Ben, it's like he relocates himself every year. We've been to many…exotic places, let me tell you that. It's because he is in the 'Armed Forces' or so he says. Oh I've wanted to say this for a while as well: keep your head 'n' the game boys, keep protecting the U.S but will you please stop making us move? It's a pain! It's over and said. Now let's move on.

"It's been hard for all of us," she started again, "but we've made a decision." She paused. "We're staying here. Ben is withdrawing from the Armed Forces."

"We're staying!" I couldn't believe what she was saying. Didn't you have to be of a certain age to drop out –I'm sorry, withdrawing or whatever- of the thingie? This was great! The possibilities were endless! She nodded. "OH. MY. GOD! We're staying!"

"But-" Mom started again, "we'll still be staying here until we find an actual place." And I died. Did I mention that we live in an apartment? Yes, it's a two bedroom two bath apartment. Which means I have a divider in my…our room to separate John and I. Plus I got to share a bathroom. John basically lives at his best friend's house. I've asked Mom if I could have the room but she said no. I groaned. "It'll be ok though. We'll find a place in no time."

I hoped so.


Oh, I was so enjoying this. Being the new kid rocked- er, correction- being one of the new kids rocked. John and I were homeschooled up until today. And right now I was feeling the revenge. I was laughing so hard I'd thought I die. The Senior girls at Clemwoods High were all over –correction yet again- mauling him. My eyes sparked with hilarity upon watching it and he glowered at me, I just simply shrugged. It wasn't my fault he was 'gorgeous'.

My brother and I share some traits. We both have the forest green eyes of my mom but that is pretty much it. My hair, believe it or not, is naturally red. While John and my dad have brown and my mother has dirty blond. Some heredity, eh? I can't stand them calling me Bella because of it, since my real name is Isabella, so John just started calling me Frizz which stuck then later formed into Iz. I just want to roll my eyes now too. Why? Well, I dunno. Usually the first question asked is 'are you feisty then?' Figure it out yourself moron, unless you didn't have that in mind. But overall, for some reason, he is more gorgeous than I am. Not that I care though.

Thinking about it made me smile. Which while I was walking away from it made me bump into someone. Which made my binder spill all over the place. Which made reality crash into my world all of a sudden. Which made me pissed. Really pissed.

"Sorry," he muttered. He bent over to pick the stuff up. Most of it was just files for me to turn into the office. His apology sounded sincere enough for me so my anger faded quickly. I've watched enough teen drama's to analyze what happens in real life situations like this one...Not that makes any difference. I bent over and started picking them up as well while others looked at us like we were weirdo's. Whatever. "Oh," he said amused after a while, "you're the new kid?" He asked. He was looking at one of my files. Well, there goes the façade, I saw right into his soul then. Argh! There goes my brother's paranoia again! Damn him. I shouldn't start judging this guy anyway.

"Yup. One out of the two." I rolled my eyes. He looked at the file for a moment then I could smell a little smoke from my hair burning because he was staring at my head. You see, I really don't want to be caught in one of those eye lock things. They scared the crap out of me whether it was a guy or a girl. So I kept my head down and tried to get to a folder that was stuck under his knee. I was starting to get annoyed. "You done staring?" I said rolling my eyes again.

"Oh, sorry." He put the things back in my binder and I got the folder stuck under his knee free and put it in there as well.

"Thanks, but I really didn't need your help."

"I-" But I was already halfway down the hallway. I didn't mean to be rude but it was an awkward situation and I didn't want to be late for my first class.

It seemed to drag on forever until the bell rang. I was about to jump out of my own brain and take a vacation…if that makes any sense. And it was only the first day. John caught up to me on the bus and told me all about his adventures already. I was tuning out of most of it but I couldn't help to compare my day to his. And here is what I learned: Instant popularity tells you that you look hot and are awesome and will get invited to the first party you've ever gone to. Slow popularity means you have a higher risk of becoming one of the outcasts and will most likely not get invited to parties. First impressions counted. Unfortunately first impressions aren't my thing. I guess you could say second impressions are. I'm just taking it all in before I attack. Not like being popular matters to me, it might suck after a while if you want my opinion.

I was confused though when I saw my mother standing at the drop off point though. John was as well. She didn't wave though, which was a good thing. I find it strange that there are the apartments then the private housing right next to it. The bus dropped off most of us then moved along merrily. Everyone said bye to each other and departed toward their houses. Me and John stayed.

"Hey Ma," John said, slight color to his cheeks, "you don't have to wait for us. We're eighteen." Mom laughed and shook her head slightly.

"I waited to inform you guys on something." She said.

"What?" I asked

"We found a house."

"You could've saved it for later." I said looking at her. It was still embarrassing to me even if she didn't do any crazy and wacky stuff.

"I couldn't. You see, we already moved."

"That quick!?" John asked bewildered.

"Well its right next to us," Mom informed pointing her thumb towards the private housing development. My mom is kind of weird. Dad says she's sometimes dull and blunt because she has to put up with us. The thought just left my mind though. "Mrs. Saunders said we could live at her place until he find one to live in ourselves that isn't cooped up." Oh, so we were living with someone else. Darn. It means I have to turn my music down. Hey, I may be rude but I'm respectful. I could see disappointment in John's eyes as well. "630 Bloomings," she said. "The one on top of the hill." All of a sudden John's eyes filed with mirth. 630 Bloomings wasn't just a house. It was a freaking mansion for the filthy rich. I slightly smirked. Me and john looked at each other for a moment.

"Whoever gets there first gets to pick their room!" We yelled in unison. We sprinted towards the gate, stopped to give the name then started racing again. I didn't hear what my mom had to say and neither did John.

He got there like a millisecond before I did but we were both panting hard so I didn't think he noticed. "I win," he breathed out finally. I stand corrected.

"Tie," I said.

"Now you're just being a sore loser."

"Well no one is here to be the judge of that." I said pointedly grinning.

"Actually," a voice said in which I recognized, "there is." Our heads swiveled towards the voice. He was wearing a black fitting shirt that showed off his muscles and baggy jeans. Shaggy dirty blond hair was covering his most of his eyes but I could tell one thing. He was grinning like he just saw me naked.

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