Chapter Two: Growing Cold

I think this school has problems. It's only been, what, like a week or something? And guess what? There is a new kid. Don't get me wrong but don't you think that is kind of weird? I don't know her. She's not in any one of my classes but she's popular. Maybe they are just teasing her. She's shy not like any of the other girls that hang around (and believe me, I've been here for a week and I know almost everything). Their new toy. Maybe I should try to save her…

"Hey Isabella!" Jake called. He jogged up to me.

"Hey." I said. Speaking of new kids…Jakey here is the one living with me. Don't tell him about the nickname though, he'll kill me. He's nice. My first impression of his family was 'assholes coated in sugar wrapped and placed into dainty little boxes that say if damaged pay triple of what you paid' but I was wrong. They are really nice people. He's nice and he has…he has this testiness to him that I find…cool. Ok, ok, just forget I just even said that, forget the dot thing and don't even tell him I said that.

"What up?"

"Nothing really," I paused, "but I'm thinking about saving the poor girl over there." I said directing him with my eyes over to the table. His features tightened and his eyes narrowed. I blinked. Did I miss something? "Or not…" I trailed off. Then he beamed like nothing happened.

"Oh, her? Ashley doesn't need saving." He gave a tight smile. Um…

"Ok." I said but it sounded like a question rather than a statement. Did Jake know her? How? She just got here today…

"Want to go to Timmy's or something?" Dude. He didn't only know my name; he knew almost everything that I loved here in Clemwoods. He was like my best friend. Timmy's was like the hang out for teens. I actually think that was what the owner intended. Plus he makes like world famous hot dogs. I grinned.

"Sure." I said. "But can I try to save…er…Ashley first?" His reply was grabbing me by the wrist and literally dragging me out of there.

I could scream 'kidnap' (or 'teenap'?) because from what I've heard forcefully moving a person two feet is kidnapping. It sounds kind of stupid but it's true…according to Principal Pollard in High Step, a 'guide to surviving the drama of high school'. So I don't think that information is really reliable. Unless it is actually true. I could go on with this forever.

But I didn't scream that because he wasn't actually kidnapping me. I was his friend, and probably best friend at that, and didn't want to say no. Now applaud me because I actually just said that and cannot take back my words.

At Clemwoods you could walk off school property for lunch. It was kind of awesome. But you had to come back. Or you'll get in serious trouble. So as he dragged me out I stared in Ashley's direction. What was so special about her? Probably nothing. Although I still wanted to save her...


The house was silent. Even with my running mouth it was silent. Everyone was too stunned to say anything. Everyone was too damn silent it was scaring me. We had the right to remain silent though. I just think our mouths didn't want to speak the words that were running through our head.

"Hey Isabella, could you get that timer?" My mom asked.

"Why me?" I grumbled.

"Because you're right there." She said bluntly. Why did John have to be over at his friend's house almost every moment of the day? It was starting to tick me off. I handed her the timer. We also had to live unsophisticated. We had one stinking, old computer that froze half the time and my brother John was the one with the cellphone. I was lucky if Jake let me borrow his. Although for such a very nice kid I suspected he was looking at porn or something because half the time he didn't let me use it.

I handed her the timer and she smiled at me. Turning on the news I flipped through the channels, there wasn't much on so I went with the news. Little did I know.

"Breaking news," the anchor said, "seventeen men killed on their way back from Afghanistan. Reports say that a bomb was placed in the hood of the car and was set to go off when the car started." He paused. "These names include: Gregory Livington…" My mom and I stopped doing what we were doing and watched. Sixteen names were called already and were sure that everything was going to be ok. "The last body identified is Benjamin Kooken." My mom dropped her bowl of cake batter, making it splatter all over the place. We were speechless.

Ben was dead. Ben was dead. From a bomb. A careless mistake towards our army. And it was my entire fault.

Jake was currently in the room and he came over to me. "I really don't want-" He cut me off by hugging me. My mom soon joined the hug.

Then came that very sad, depressing music they put on elevators. Which pissed me off. I mean God! Don't put on any music at all you dumbasses! I get the 'I feel sorry thing' but seriously! Imagine about the family who actually had to watch it! Might as well put the Gooby Goober song on! I'm not in the mood for SpongeBob or anything else right now for your information.

When my mom left Jake kept on hugging me.


I'm growing
distant from everyone. I don't know what to feel really. Jake tries to comfort me but for some reason I don't feel anything. I'm numb. Still in shock I suppose? I've got detention like a few times already from this. Did a couple other bad things I don't really want to mention. Heh. Second impressions win like always. People I don't really know are sitting around me including the Ashley girl. I sigh more often.

I don't know what to do. I guess I'm growing cold then. Heh. Clemwoods needs a bad boy…or bad girl I suppose. And I guess that's me. Oh well.

A/N: Ok, personally I really didn't know hwere to go after the first chapter so sorry if this dissapoints you guys. ;p Idea's are very deepy truly taken in by me. XD I tried to put humor in it but it was meant to actally start the book if you know what I mean.