It was a beautiful night.

The moonlight teased through the crack in the curtains, their bodies nearly glowing as the light hit the sheen of sweat that covered them due to their exertions and as he held onto her hands as she rode him; he could not help but think of anything more beautiful. So he told her this.

"You're so beautiful, Ivy Leigh," the guy whispered to her as he broke their joined hands so that he could tangle his fingers into the short fiery ginger hair. Leaning up, he ran his tongue up the column of her neck and she gasped as goose bumps erupted up her arm. Despite the pleasure that was tingling through her body, she could not remember his name nor would she remember it later on. The amnesia was not due to a sex induced fog but just her ignorance. She did not care about his name. She solely cared about the here and now; the pleasure that he could help her feel and hopefully he could help her forget everything.

So how come he knew her name? She shook her head slightly. This was a bad time to get distracted, she realised as she continued to move her hips with his.

"Ivy, are you listening to me?"

"Shush," she whispered taking his lips with hers, desperate to stop the talking and broke her own code by kissing him on the mouth. Kissing was something personal and not something she enjoyed sharing throughout her anonymous sexual partner but there was nothing she hated more than someone who was vocal throughout the deed. It was annoying and completely unnecessary. "Just enjoy it," she covered his mouth her hand, feeling the slight dampness of his breath as he continued to rock against her. His hand tightened on her hips as if suddenly finding her bossiness arousing.

This was proven by his moves getting faster and almost desperate. He wanted completion just as much as she did and once he started, it was not long before she felt the wave of her orgasm surge through her body. Her head arched back as she called out any sound, definitely not his name as she still could not recall it, and her nails dug into his shoulder as her pants became almost feral. Once he followed through, she pressed a kiss to the back of her own hand before climbing off him.

"Wait," he said attempting to grab hold of her wrist but she avoided his touch, "you're leaving?"

Bending over to pick up her discarded dress that she had been wearing to the nightclub only a couple of hours previous, she turned to look over her shoulder and flashed a smile as she nodded her head. "Come now, we wouldn't want to ruin a good thing by making it go on all night, would we?"

Stunned, he continued to stare at her and she almost wanted to drop her dress at her feet and crawl back into bed with him but she would not. She had not spent the last four years perfecting this heartless routine to ruin it now. Instead she simply pulled on her dress; foregoing her underwear; and walked out of the bedroom without a word. Despite the connotations of what she was doing, this would not be the first – nor would it be the last – time that she slipped out of a man's room so she knew where she was going.

It was simple male pattern. They always seemed to have the bedroom near the stairs. Maybe it was something primal thing to be the protector, the first one to save the day when an outsider broke in, but it always helped her out. She knew to just turn to one direction and she would be facing the stairs. Once she had snuck down them, she would grab her shoes and handbag which were always left at the front door so that she did not need to hunt them down later before disappearing into the night.

It was a flawless plan that left her sated; and hopefully her nameless male; and her heart in one piece.

"Darling, you need a ride?" A guy slowed down to ask her as she walked down the street. Rolling her eyes, she just flashed him the bird so that he would understand that she was rejecting his offer without any words before continuing on her path. She just heard the man's warm chuckle before the car sped off and left her staring at its tail lights.

With an amused smile, she continued to walk.

Ivy knew she was a desirable woman. She was tall, curvaceous and naturally a redhead which seemed to always be a kicker with the men in bars – or so the chat up lines would seem. If ever she was in the mood, Ivy could just step into a bar and she knew that she would be leaving again with a nameless companion. Women often whispered behind her back, elderly called her disapproving names but Ivy did not care. She lived her life the way she wanted and no one got in the way.

She had not always been like this. Once upon a time Ivy had been like all the other girls, desperate to fall in love with their Prince Charming who would be tall, dark and handsome. He would sweep her off her feet with his charming ways and together they would live happily ever after, their love forever growing. Now she knew that true love was nothing more than a fairytale. Ivy knew that the only affection she needed was the mere moment of desire that trembled through her body as she laid in the arms of a stranger or from the cute kisses her adorable little puppy; Blue; gave her whenever she arrived home. It might not be the white picket fence but it was enough to leave her content.

People would ask Ivy why she behaved in such a manner and she told them the honest answer. Ever since her Father's death, she was determined to never allow someone else to have possession of her heart so it would be crushed once more. She lost people she loved. Her Mother had remarried and adopted two beautiful children. Of course she still loved Ivy but it still made her feel like a stranger peeking in through the window at this new amazing life her Mother was leading.

Then there had been...

Shaking her head, Ivy realised that that was not a topic she wanted to be thinking about today. It was too early in the morning, she was stone cold sober and it left her in a 'I hate the world' kind of depression for a good three days afterwards. Realising that she had walked further than she had intended, Ivy came to a standstill as she looked up and saw where her subconscious had brought her; the Old Firehouse.

She felt a lump in her throat, a betraying sting of tears as the waves of emotions surged through her body once more at standing outside the building that had completely destroyed her life. This building had been her Father's life until the day it had been stolen away and then all it took from her was her Mother.

Even as a teenager, she had felt hatred towards this building. Despite its central location, she would walk an extra mile just to avoid ever seeing it because it drove her insane with emotions. She never knew whether she wanted to cry, scream or laugh as she was bombarded with memories of happy times but could also remember the sadness of the funeral wake that had happened inside those very walls. Friends, family and her Mother had insisted that it was just a building so therefore it could not be responsible for everything she accused it of but that never hindered her hatred. It almost seemed to feed it.

Kneeling down on the floor, not caring about how hard the gravel was against her bare knees, she felt her hand reach out for a rock. The cold rugged surface was welcoming. The memory of finding out her Mother was marrying the Captain came flooding back to her. At Fifteen years old, Ivy Leigh was a devil child any way but her Mother should have known better than to turn her back. She knew there was one place and one place only she had to go.

"You rat Bas..." her sentence was left unfinished as she hurled a rock through the window, her anger revealing just how much her Father had shown her before he had died because she had the throw any man would be proud of. The sound of shattering glass followed by the chorus of male shouts did not deter her from bending down and picking up another one. "You think you can steal my Mother too?" She shouted as she through another rock.

"Ivy Leigh," the Captain shouted as he came bustling out the front doors. "What the hell are you...?"

"You sure you want to take on as a daughter, Captain?" She shouted before throwing another rock and cheering as another window went through, her eyes almost black with anger as she bent to pick another one.

"Ivy, please stop," she heard another voice plead and despite the affectionate tone, she just shook her head as she reached out for another rock. A hand closed down on her arm. "We will have you arrested, Ivy."

"My phone's in my bag. Do it." She challenged but there was no response as she was lifted over someone's shoulder, ironically with the fireman's lift, and carried into the building that she had just vandalised. She continued to kick and scream, not caring that she had once ran through the rooms of this building with the freedom only a child could know. To her, this place was worse than hell and they all should know about it.

"You've left me no choice," Blaze mumbled as he took hold of the phone and rang her Mother.

Remembering Blaze had her heartbeat racing like a jackhammer. It had been a long time since she had thought of her childhood crush and even now she felt the unwavering emotions of both love and hatred towards the man that she knew had never looked at her as more than a friend's daughter.

Blaze had been everything a teenage girl would want in a crush. With his dark brown hair that was too unruly it toppled into his onyx eyes, Blaze had been the depiction of a Hollywood movie star in her eyes but it was not just his looks. He was strong, independent and had the grace of a bad boy about him. Everyone knew that he had had a past that no one would be proud of but once he had joined the service, he was a changed man and everyone adored him but no one adored him as much as Ivy.

However, for him to have phoned up her Mother and grass on her like a little schoolboy had been the first crack in their friendship – or relationship, whatever terminology people had used to explain it. From there, it was downhill. She started getting drunk and being found asleep in unsafe parts of town causing him to be disgusted in her while she believed that he was starting to show his age. Whatever they had had ended bitterly the night she had blown out of town in her banged up VW camper van with the belief that she was never coming back to town and she had not.

This town had been the last thing on her mind for four years until her Mother had phoned her stating that Leanne; one of her adopted sisters; was ill and therefore she should come home. Ivy had been tempted to state that Leanne was not her family so she should not have to come running but the vulnerability in her Mother's voice had reminded Ivy of when they had lost their mutual love and she could not stand to think of her Mother going through that again.

Sighing, she let the rock fall from her hands and used the heel of her hands to pull herself up. She hissed at the sting, looking down to see the minute grazes on her knees from the gravel as she had suspected but just quickly wiped it off before giving the building one last look. Yes, she would have once upon a time launched that rock through the window but she felt like she had matured now into a lady. She could walk away from the temptation and go home to her beautiful Blue.

"We're a bit old for throwing rocks now, are we?" A voice asked causing her to whip round, her breath escaping her as a pair of onyx eyes that should no long be familiar locked onto her grey ones.


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