Well I haven't been on here for a while. At any rate, I wrote this in response to something that I believe is becoming a growing problem. So many kids (and I know quite a few) live in homes where alcohol absolutely destroys their childhood. They grow up in fear of their parents but always forgiving them because they're family and you always forgive your family. I don't know what I can do, but I always try to be there for them. They mean the world for me and I'd hate to see something happen to them. So without further ado, ... A Poisoned Cup


A Poisoned Cup

Guzzle it down

Drink it up

Shots on shots on shots

"It's party time!"

Time for friends,

for pleasure

Live it up

Pass the time while you're still sober

White girl wasted,

Bottle trash

To you it's a game

A vicious sport.

But you don't know the other half

The evil of the bottle

A broken family

Drowning in the red cup

The middle of the night;

She's yanked from her bed

Sister scared,

Parents drunk.

Their insults slur from the poison

"You stupid child"

"You ugly whore"

Their words assault her heart.

There's always violence.

Glasses smash

Dishes shatter

Art torn from the walls.

Daddy yells

Mommy shouts

They always argue.

Screaming, raging.

Who knew words could hurt so much?

"It's all your fault!"

"You worthless shit"

They turn to her

Hardly a teen.

She barely feels the blow

She'll later lie about the bruises.

Sister cries;

she dials for help.

Mommy breaks the phone

"You don't need to call anyone."

The girls dash for the stairs

They run to their beds.

Lock the door

Wait for the cursing to stop

They hold each other and cry.

And you'll awake later

in a stoner's fog

head spinning from your drinking sport

While Mommy and Daddy apologize

"We're so sorry we love you, you know"

They'll learn to forgive.

They'll try to forget

That's what family's for.

And years will pass

You'll live for the fun

In a drunken stupor

With an empty bottle

For a senseless sport

But they'll be stuck

A broken family

forever they'll live

from a poisoned cup.