Well lany17 again! This is a story I am doing for NaNoWriMo, (national novel-writing month) but instead of doing a novel I'm doing a short story. So tell me what you guys think!This story takes place in the 1930's so that's why theirs slang I'll put in at the bottom.

"Good morning Lillian" I said as I set the tray of food down. It contained a slice of bread, carrot soup and a glass of water. Lillian sat up from the bed to grab the food tray from the night stand beside her. I walked to the window and ripped off the fabric blocking the light. We lived in a shabby shack, but we were beat with the Great depression. I had been axed from my job as a fisherman after they couldn't afford to pay me.

"Robert, you are going to work in the factory today?" She asked me.

"Of course, or we'll be on the nut" I said.

"We already are" She said sadly. She coughed and took her trembling hand to pick up her spoon for the soup.

I sighed,"Lillian I found a snazzy job at a factory near the pier. Heard it's the bees knees, so then we won't be behind the eight ball anymore" I said happily.

"Yeah, just don't blow your wig about it, it could be brodie. There's always brunos in places like that" She said worriedly.

"Don't worry, there hasn't been a big one there in ages" I said reassuringly.

"Ok, be carefull" Lillian said.

"Dont worry sister, I have to talk to Uncle Frank. He's stopped giving us money for your medicine so I have to see what he's got up his sleeve" I said. We said our goodbyes and I walked to the local saloon, nearly getting trampled on the way there by a rider. I walked over to Frank and impatiently could tell he had drunk some whiskey.

"Hey, uncle Frank got some time?" I asked him.

"Yo, Whatchya need my boy" He asked with a snipe in his mouth. He handed me one and light it for me.

"Yeah, the C's stop coming. Is there a reason for that?" I asked him curiously.

"Listen Robert, sud's are tight you know that. I can't afford to keep giving you C's" He said. I frowned and almost panicked.

"Hey bartender, give this man some booze, on the house" Uncle Frank said. The bartender came over and I said "I'ma minor, I'll just have some city juice" He later returned with a cup of water.

"Hey listen if you don't want your sister to end up in a chicago overcoat you need to earn some money. Not mooch it ofa me. Leave her she's a goner" He said.

I looked at him in disbelief as he talked about my sisters death so easily as if it was certain.

"My sister won't end up in one of those over sized baskets anytime soon" I said to him angrily.

"Well then we need to think of something" He said and put down his whiskey bottle he'd been drinking from.

"I got it we need to plan a heist" He whispered.

"A heist are you kidding me. We'll never get away with it" I said in a low voice now intrigued.

"Come on, we can go in plug some people, fade and doze in your cave" He said excited. He's breath full of beer, and whiskey.

"And let's say we pull of this heist of yours. What about stool pigeons?" I said to him.

"Plug em'" Frank said as he imitated a gun shooting.

"You're a twit"I said to him.

"Hey were in an apple, bank should be easy to find" He said pointing to the bartender. I sighed and said "HEY, Yo, you. Come here." To the bartender who served me earlier.

"Know any good banks to store our sud's in?" I asked him.

"Wigan's banks pretty tight. Good guards men too. Got tons of sud's locked up in their" He said.

"Thanks for the help" Frank said already half drunk.

"Let's buy some horses, but first we need to get you on a sugar rush" He said as he pointed to the bottle of whisky he had earlier.

"Drink" He ordered.

"Frank I'm not" I started.

"Drink" He said a little more loud than before.

"No I don't want"

"JUST DRINK IT" Frank yelled this time getting a few annoyed looks from other people and a few startled ones too. I too jumped and started at the bottle.

"Chug, Chug, Chug" I saw a crowed gather behind me wanting me to drink the bottle. I took the bottle and chugged it all down. I got up feeling slightly dizzy and suddenly had a great urge of confidence.

"Yeah, lets do this" I said to Frank who took my hand. We were on our way to a better future.

Well hope you guys like the first part. Yes, drunk Robert. A big brodie. No,no. Well if you don't know any of the slang here's the glossary from beginning to end. If I left any tell me please oh and REVIEW!

beat- Broke

axed- Fires

be on the nut- Broke

snazzy- very good

the bees knees- something good

behind the eight ball- tight situation

blow your wig- excited

brodie- a mistake

bruno(s)- tough guys or hired guns man

big one- death

Yo- yes


C's- 100

booze- Whisky

sud's- money

Minor. Someone under the age to drink

City juice- a glass of water

chicago overcoat- coffin


plug- to shoot(someone)

fade- to leave

doze- sleep

cave- someone's home

stool pigeon- someone who tells the police

twit- idiot or crazy

lots of words. Hope I got them for reading