you act like i
have no goddamn idea
what this hell
is like.

you act like i
dont have any idea
how hard it is
to slowly lose someone.

you act like i
am clueless,
absolutely fucking clueless,
to everything.

i know what its like.
i know the pain.
i know the hurt.
so just stop.

i lost someone, too.
i watched them die, too.
i lived with the pain, too.
i hurt still.

we all hurt still.
but shes still here.
so love her while you can.
dont be a dumbass.

just fucking love her
while you have the chance.
because one day
it will be too late.

and you'll live with the pain
the hurt
of knowing the things
you should have said

but didn't.
so say them.
dont let her live
without knowing you.

the real you.
because it isnt