I can't make it out
I don't know what you need
I see you coming towards me,
But it's like blurry headlights
In the rain,
I can't keep causing you pain
It's just too much…
Oh, how do I begin to explain?
You keep coming towards my window
But its more like a fiery smudge
And I don't know where to go,
I need to get you away,
I need to take away your pain.
I need to just stay away.

The fear of the lonely burns deep inside this heart,
Try as I may I keep feeling like im falling apart.
I must confide,
I am left with nothing but this emptiness inside,
Seems as if all I've ever known has pushed me aside,
They're no longer along for the ride.

Dont wanna be alone no more,
I want to feel loved, of that im sure.
Tell me...is there a cure?
Can anyone hear my plea?
I feel lost in a deep black sea...
Am I all alone out here?
It wouldnt even matter if I shed a tear,
It'd be lost in the ocean,
Mistaken for the deep black sea,
The one that somehow has taken over me.

I can't stand being so alone
If I was supposed to be this way,
Why couldn't God have made a stone
Instead he gave me this heart
One that gives and gives,
And has taken one to many hits,
So you need to get away from me,
Run away, see with me only comes
It comes down like rain
It pours and pours,
And no one could be safe from it
From this hoard,
Get away, far away from me
Let this loneliness
Be the only thing to stay with me

I love so deep,
But even that is my greatest feat,
To many times they walked in and walked out,
I guess they didnt hear me scream and shout.
So now i lie here broken,
I cant give you even the slightest token,
of my love,
stay away! stay away! stay away!
I cant hurt you,
You cant hurt me,
If youll just do me this one favor and...
stay away! stay away! stay away!

Here comes the rain,
And your blurry head lights again
I can't tell where one path ends
And the other begins,
I don't know what to do,
So it's really easier just to
I don't want to see the damage I could do.
I don't know how else to explain
Except to say,
You're like the blurry head lights in rain,
And I need to get you away,
Before my life brings you more pain.