Black and White, it's a very powerful blend of hate and anger, they both work differently, not as one, but as one whole fury.
Black is the hate that defends the power to fight, and white is the anger that defends the power to doublecross black.
But when both are used in rage, they join together to cause damage between both sides, coinciding in war, and hell with a fury so powerful, nothing can stop it.
It is almost like a monster is waking up from the depths of hell itself to trick black and white in believing they were meant to be.
Phsically black and white fight with a power so strong the heavens yield to them, but mentally only one hero remains; Control.
Control is the wisest, yet most important management containing black and white on their rightful border to stay away from each other.
But sometimes control is overpowered by black and white, and an even more horrible monster is unleashed and strikes out at the fury that ignited black and white.
Despite all the fury, black, white, and control work together, and bring together hope.
So when you start a fight or just decide to use verbal fights, just know black and white will be there to guide you to a hopeless battle.
When you learn control, you let black and white cower before your right.