Dear Santa,

I'm on the naughty list for sure this year. I've been selfish, greedy, insensitive, needy, impositional, and an overall bad person. I've been though. I'm being a good person now. Well. Not really. I'm sitting here writing when I should be doing something to make things better for my loves. Is that selfish? I feel like it. Oh well. I'll be done soon. I promise. I'm just trying to heal. I think I need to do this, for myself. To better help my loves.

This is what I want for Christmas, Santa.

I want to take the hurt and struggles from my family. I want them to have peace, and happiness. I want them to have everything they desire, selfish or not. Good or not, bad or not.

Though the struggles shape us and make us who were are, I don't want my family to hurt. I know what it is to hurt. I would take all the pain in the world if I could. Dear Santa? Can I do that? Could that be my Christmas Gift?

I could handle it. I promise. I can handle anything. No one else should have to.

That request is full of contradictions I apologize.

If that's not possible.

Could this be?

I wish my mom to not be in pain. I wish her to be happy. To smile like she did with her Son's on her Birthday. I wish I wish.

Wait. I'm sorry, one more thing. Yes I know I'm selfish to ask so much of you Santa.

Can my twin be happy too?

I love him so much.

Oh. Wait. One last thing.

I wish humanity to realize the responsibility they hold to our companions. The cats, dogs, birds, every living thing. I wish humanity to realize that understanding is responsibility, and turning a blind eye is wrong.

And k. I got another one, I could probly do this for hours.

Could I get Peace? Or atleast.. all unnecessary hate. Not the true justified hate but. The fake hate. Like people hating dogs, that's stupid. Like people hating cats, or babies, or mice.

Ok, I got something to fix it all.

I wish for the world this Christmas, to Understand.

And to be Responsible.

Thank you Santa,

You know who it is.

p.s. Don't forget everybody, pay it foward.